Farragut Outdoor Classroom Helps Promote Educational Opportunities Through Environmental Stewardship

August 30, 2015

Creating public spaces that bring a community together is one of the goals of the Land Planning and Recreation team at McGill Associates. The team strives to create sustainable public spaces that encourage cultural, environmental, and economic investment. Engaging the community in a project often generates the long-term support necessary for a public space to be properly utilized and cared for into the future. When the design of the space incorporates an interactive public education… READ MORE »

McGill Associates Knoxville Assists with Water Improvements Through East TN

August 24, 2015

Douglas Lake Intake Tennessee
Water quality is essential to a community’s health and well-being. Across east Tennessee, McGill Associates has been busy working with numerous municipalities on important water infrastructure projects. Such projects benefit local communities and lay the foundation for future development and beneficial growth opportunities. Our staff of engineers and support personnel use their extensive water and wastewater knowledge to engage and understand the needs of local communities, working to implement solutions that are well thought out,… READ MORE »

Town Creek Park A Successful Venture for McGill Associates

August 3, 2015

BrunswickCounty residents and visitors can once again use the facilities at Town Creek Park. Children can run, climb, and play on new, state-of-the-art playground equipment. Baseball and soccer teams can practice and play league games on new fields, and families can stroll through miles of trails. READ MORE »



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