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Celebrating National Surveyors Week

Surveying professionals at mcgillThe National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying® (NCEES) marks March 21-27, as National Surveyors Week 2021, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the surveying profession. At McGill, we are proud of our dedicated survey team that supports all of our disciplines and varying types of work in Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and the piedmont and coastal regions of North Carolina. Led by Dallas Gordon, PLS, who brings over 29 years of experience, the McGill survey team is comprised of 7 passionate individuals who are grounded in the foundations of surveying and continuously growing with the evolving technology of the field.

Aerial Services Performed by Our Surveyors

Surveying profressionals with droneTwo team members, Chris Jordan, PLS, CFS, and Jason Gasperson, PLS, are certified Federal Aviation Administration UAS Remote Pilots, who provide high-quality visuals of sites from the sky. They can produce both aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, and we regularly integrate this into our mapping deliverables to save our clients time and money. This approach provides high-quality color orthophotography, point cloud models, planimetric data, and high-definition contour information. Utilizing UAV systems, we can provide aerial services and mapping deliverables on smaller projects that would be cost prohibitive using traditional manned flights. Additionally, we can provide large-scale mapping at a much higher resolution than traditional photogrammetry. We provide geospatial deliverables that are properly registered, geo-referenced, produced to meet current ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards, and are signed and sealed by a professional land surveyor.

We can also provide high-resolution aerial photography and video for our projects. Sometimes a close aerial view of a project site can assist to quickly assess overall project viability. We provide aerial photography for our own construction administration teams to assist in assessing and monitoring construction progress for our clients. We have an award-winning photographer and two UAS remote pilots on staff.

Panoramic Tours

One feature of our aerial services is panoramic tours, which show a sky-high, 360 degree visual. Take a sky-high tour of Ray Kisiah Park in Asheville. This was part of the City of Asheville’s Ray Kisiah Park and Vance Elementary ballfields mapping project that included geodetic survey control, topographic mapping, and full planimetric site mapping of a 5.2-acre ballfield site at Vance Elementary School and a 7.5-acre ballfield complex at Ray Kisiah Park. McGill provided UAV aerial photography and photogrammetry to produce 3-D point cloud models, digital terrain models, and orthophotos of the project site. Our team also provided conventional field surveying to supplement photogrammetric mapping and full utility mapping of project areas for subsequent design and construction. McGill provided confirmation of property boundaries on the Ray Kisiah site to the City of Asheville.

Our team also produced this tour of the Moore County Airport in Carthage, North Carolina, for a project.

Aerial / Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Haywood street asheville photogrammetric scanHaywood street asheville photogrammetric scansFor the Haywood Street streetscape mapping McGill completed for the City of Asheville, our team completed site mapping of approximately 1,600 linear feet along Haywood Street. We performed mapping with conventional surveying, as well as aerial and terrestrial photography and photogrammetry. Within the project area, McGill also provided geodetic survey control and targeting on the NAD83(2011) and NAVD88(Geoid12B) datums, high-resolution photogrammetric scans in point cloud format, right-of-way and property boundaries, topographic mapping at a one-foot contour interval, planimetric delineation of all-above ground features, mapping of all-above ground utilities and subsurface utilities as marked by utility providers, all underground piping networks (including invert depths), pipe materials and sizes, all pavement striping, all plant material and existing trees, and all paving and finish materials.

Example: https://www.pointbox.xyz/clouds/5c0143942756ad00016033cf

Example: https://www.pointbox.xyz/clouds/5ba5473002b7ff00013f8c88

Surveying professional, lisa simmons, pls
Lisa Simmons, PLS

Continued Growth Among the Team

McGill is fortunate to have such a strong and passionate survey team of professionals providing services in every discipline and direction on the map. Dallas has created a team that fosters long-term relationships and provides mentorship to individuals who want to grow. Lisa Simmons, PLS, is our most recent team member to become a professional land surveyor – passing the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying NCEES Examination and the Tennessee jurisdictional examination late last year.

Learn More About our Survey Team

Learn more about our Haywood Streetscape project in our case study, or find out more about our survey team by emailing info@mcgillassociates.com or filling out our contact us form.



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