Lamyaa negm, phd

Lamyaa Negm, PhD, Co-Authors Article in the Journal of Agriculture Water Management

Third Article Lamyaa Negm Has Co-Authored in 2020

Lamyaa Negm, PhD, Engineering Associate on the water resources team in Raleigh, co-authored an article that was recently published in the Journal of Agriculture Water Management.

Lamyaa negm
Lamyaa Negm, PhD

For this project, Lamyaa worked with her former team at North Carolina State University to upgrade the DRAINMOD model to simulate macropore flow (pathways through which water and pollutants can bypass the soil matrix and be transported to subsurface drains and freshwater bodies) using a basic approach to resemble phosphorus dynamics in artificially drained agricultural lands. In the modified model, macropore size is tailored, based on conditions being wet or dry, while connectivity is changed by tillage. The model was tested using four years of data from a field in Ohio. The article abstract states: “Overall, incorporating macropore flow into DRAINMOD improved predictions of daily drainage peaks and enabled the model to predict subsurface drainage flux contributed by macropore flow, which is critical for expanding DRAINMOD to simulate phosphorus transport in subsurface drained agricultural land.”

The full article is available, free of charge, to the public for 30 days.

This publication is a second to another article that was just published in the same journal, titled: “Evaluation of nitrogen loss reduction strategies using DRAINMOD-DSSAT in east-central Illinois.” It was a collaborative research project with an associate professor and his team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. DRAINMOD-DSSAT is the model Lamyaa coded and tested as part of her PhD thesis. Her full list of publications can be found here.

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