McGill Prepares Informative Stormwater Modeling Lunch and Learn

Last week, members of McGill’s water resources team prepared and hosted a Stormwater Modeling Lunch and Learn in Raleigh where discussions about modeling techniques and results analysis were had with other stormwater professionals.

Dori sabeh
Dori Sabeh, PE, GISP

McGill’s Director of Water Resources Dori Sabeh said, “In addition to sharing the technical expertise of the McGill water resources group with the City of Raleigh stormwater team, we have gained an understanding of the solutions the City is seeking to manage stormwater runoff in a way to preserve our water quality and alleviate flooding.”


The Lunch and Learn’s objective was to provide attendees with planning and technical methods for a variety of stormwater modeling approaches that could be used in a wide range of case studies.

The sessions included talks about the methods used to develop, verify, and infer results from a SWMM5 model used to evaluate the system’s performance under different frequency estimates of precipitation, as well as the integration of the model’s simulated water surface elevation with GIS software for mapping the extent of different storm impacts.

In addition, participants learned how to couple HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS to dynamically model a network of lakes, dams, and risers; how to incorporate a labyrinth spillway into flood modeling; and methods for assessing the impact of consecutive storms.

“The City of Raleigh appreciates Dori, Lamyaa and Michael of McGill for providing an excellent presentation. Their work on the Town of Hillsborough project provided some valuable lessons that the City of Raleigh will use in advancing its Drainage Assistance Program.” Said Chas Webb, PE, CFM, Engineering Supervisor, City of Raleigh.


The water resources team at McGill assists communities in adjusting to and complying with regulatory drivers. With more than three decades of expertise, we offer programmatic and project support that encompasses all areas of project execution.

Our engineers can address a wide range of projects, from stormwater system design and BMP retrofits to watershed-wide flood control and water quality improvement master plans. We blend a wealth of expertise in environmental planning, hydraulic system modeling, infrastructure design, and construction management to offer our clients comprehensive water resources solutions.


Click here to learn more about McGill’s water resources team and the services that we can provide for you and your community.

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