McGill Celebrates National Surveyors Week 2022

National Surveyors Week runs from March 20th to March 26th, and here at McGill, we are proud of our in-house surveying crew, which has been a vital component in providing high-quality services to our clients for over 17 years.


Our surveyors are proficient in the collection and analysis of spatial infrastructure, in addition to the design and development of operational systems for the purpose of collecting spatial data in various geographic regions and on a multitude of projects, including public infrastructure, mapping, route surveys for utility design, as-built surveys, construction stakeout, geographic information system (GIS) mapping, site survey control, and more.

From aerialservices, geodetic control, and digital terrain models, to inspections, slope analysis, and flood plain mapping — McGill’s surveying team is dedicated to providing our clients with the support and information they require to ensure successful project completion.


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Dallas Gordon, PLS

Surveying Services Manager Dallas Gordon explains, “What really drew me to surveying at first was being outside. I wanted a career that allowed me to do that and that’s one thing I really like about it — being outside almost more than I’m inside.”

“I really like the history of surveying. We are doing some of the same things that have been done for hundreds of years and nothing has really changed except for the instruments and to me that is fascinating,” noted Dallas.

When asked what impresses him the most about McGill, Dallas said, “If McGill is going to take something on, they are going to do it right or they’re not going to be involved with the project. It was really refreshing to come here and find a group of people who were really d edicated to that.”

Dallas describes his surveying team as capable as well as passionate about what they do and appreciates, “The work we do for the clients we serve and that we help communities, and I think that is something people here at McGill get a real sense of satisfaction from.”


Avl chris botanical garden woods h 1 2019
Chris Jordan, PLS

Project Surveyor Chris Jordan said he enjoys McGill’s culture because he “really likes the engineering aspect and applying surveying to engineering.”

Chris explained, “One day we are at a wastewater treatment plant, and the next day we are at a water plant, and then the third day we could be on a route for a water line or a sewer line. Then we also have subdivisions where we are doing boundaries and easement work — so it feels like every day is a new type of surveying at a different location.”

“One thing I love about surveying is that we have a lot of old techniques that we can apply to current situations,” noted Chris, “We use new equipment, such as the drones and scanners, but we can also pull out a tape measure if we need to and use a compass.”


To watch the video interviews of Dallas and Chris, check out our Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages throughout the week.


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