McGill serves public and private clients throughout the Southeast. The range and depth of McGill’s expertise includes a wide spectrum of engineering services, land planning and recreation, as well as consulting services.



“McGill’s Electrical team takes pride in working together as a team, across offices, to complete projects. Collaboration is key to providing clients with needed designs.” – Nick Huffman, PE, Electrical Project Manager


“The City of Lenoir and McGill have had a working relationship for 30 years. We view McGill as an extension of our Utility Department staff. They have always worked hard to meet the needs of our City in an economical way.” – Radford Thomas, Director of Public Utilities, City of Lenoir


“Our Knoxville team enjoyed partnering with long-time client, Jefferson City, Tennessee, to provide a new, consolidated municipal complex to replace its outgrown city hall, library, and police and fire stations.” – Jake Greear, PE, Project Manager


Sustainability is a value we integrate into every project.


McGill is busy at the North Fork Reservoir, providing surveying and mapping services for civil and electrical engineering associated with the design and construction of a new emergency spillway.


Community engagement is critical for project success. McGill’s Land Planning and Recreation team collaborates with citizens and stakeholder groups to identify and address community needs.


Collaboration is the key to our success and clients are an integral part of every project at McGill. By building lasting relationships with communities, we understand our clients’ visions and project goals. Our team helps clients identify challenges, formulate responsive solutions, and manage successful project completion. Through partnership, we shape the best results for each client and community.


When you work with McGill, you’re a part of the team.

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Recent Projects & News

35th Anniversary and Brand Refresh

Thirty-five years ago, five employees came together to open the first McGill office in Asheville, North Carolina, offering civil engineering. Since that time, McGill has grown to fill nine offices and expand its service offerings. On January 22nd, McGill celebrated a milestone year by hearing special memories from staff and looking to the future by launching a refreshed brand.  Since 1984, partnerships and strong relationships with clients have been at the core of McGill. The… READ MORE »

Changing the Game: Using Biotechnology to Develop More Sustainable Landfills

Today’s landfill owners are facing a growing number of environmental and economic issues – mostly caused by the slow, anaerobic decay of buried garbage. Without oxygen, these bacteria not only produce harmful liquids (known as leachate and that contain a variety of chemical and toxins), but also foul odors, pathogens, and methane, a toxic greenhouse gas that is 23 times more harmful than CO2. If released from the landfill, these toxins and gases contaminate nearby… READ MORE »