McGill serves public and private clients throughout the Southeast. The range and depth of McGill’s expertise includes a wide spectrum of engineering services, land planning and recreation, as well as consulting services.



“In the water/wastewater group, One Goal and One Team is our core concept. Teaming across offices and disciplines is our philosophy. We always keep one thing in mind – that all our work is centered around the common goals of doing a great job, building strong professional and personal relationships with our clients, making a difference, and improving the community.” – MJ Chen, PE, PhD, Project Manager


“The City of Lenoir and McGill have had a working relationship for 30 years. We view McGill as an extension of our Utility Department staff. They have always worked hard to meet the needs of our City in an economical way.” – Radford Thomas, Director of Public Utilities, City of Lenoir


Our civil engineering team enjoys partnering with a variety of clients, including healthcare, education, residential, retail, office, and industrial.


“GIS is invaluable on its own as a mapping platform, and we often utilize GIS during the planning and preliminary engineering phases of construction projects. It enables collaboration in pursuit of common goals among clients, funding agencies, and McGill team members.” – Nate Bowe, PE, GISP, Project Manager


McGill has developed strong relationships across the Southeast, allowing us to work for multiple repeat clients. These strong relationships enable us to continue working with those communities, as well as new clients, to assist with all water and wastewater needs – from the smallest task to the most challenging project.


Community engagement is critical for project success. McGill’s Land Planning and Recreation team works together with citizens and stakeholder groups to identify and address community needs.


Collaboration is the key to our success and clients are an integral part of every project at McGill. By building lasting relationships with communities, we understand our clients’ visions and project goals. Our team helps clients identify challenges, formulate responsive solutions, and manage successful project completion. Through partnership, we shape the best results for each client and community.


When you work with McGill, you’re a part of the team.

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Recent Projects & News

Bigfoot Sighting in Salisbury

Salisbury-Rowan Utilities (SRU) operates and maintains water and sewer systems across the City of Salisbury and many other neighboring municipalities within Rowan County. Within the system are 441 miles of water lines, 417 miles of gravity sewer lines, a water treatment plant with raw water reservoir and raw water intake, two wastewater treatment plants with a common discharge, 13 water storage tanks, seven water booster stations, and 34 sewer pumping stations. Over the years, SRU has been very proactive at maintaining infrastructure, including GPS level mapping of all horizontal infrastructure, maintaining equipment and spares for critical elements, updating a system-wide computer-generated water hydraulic model, and regular flushing / cleaning / videoing gravity sewer maintenance system. READ MORE »

18th Annual Spring Bass Tournament a Success

McGill hosted a successful 18th Annual Spring Bass Tournament on Friday, April 26th. Even though the threat of rain and thunderstorms delayed the original date of April 12th, the tournament day had its own unique weather challenges. It started off with a light drizzle that quickly changed to clearing skies early in the morning, followed by a lunchtime storm that lasted about 20 minutes. After the storm pushed through, the anglers experienced sustained winds around 20 to 25 mph with gust around 40 mph. This created white caps on the lake and made fishing the main river channel difficult, to say the least. READ MORE »