Mcgill fishing tournament
Mcgill fishing tournament
Mcgill fishing tournament

20th Anniversary – 20 Things to Know About McGill’s Fishing Tournament

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of McGill’s Annual Spring Bass Tournament. With the exception of one year due to COVID, the tournament has been held annually since 2002.

20 Fun Facts Over the Years

With a special anniversary comes reflection back over the years. Below are 20 fun facts about the history of the fishing tournament:

Mcgill fishing tournament 2012
McGill Fishing Tournament 2012

1. McGill’s Danny Bridges, PE, Vice President and Virginia Regional Manager, along with Joel Storrow, Past President, and several others started the fishing tournament in 2002.

2. The idea of a fishing tournament grew from employees at the City of Lenoir and McGill.

3. Our why – employees wanted to provide an alternative to an annual golf outing.

4. The first tournament was limited to City of Lenoir and McGill employees.

5. Nine boats in 2002 created a strong tradition that has since grown.

6. Three years into the tournament, McGill opened it up to include others who wanted to participate, vendors, and sponsors.

7. In 2014, 2 young anglers, Hunter White and Tristan Morgan, were the youngest to win to date.

8. 2011 proved to be a record year for non-bass, with an angler catching a 13.2 lb.

Fishing tournament 2012 danny bridges
Fishing Tournament 2012 Danny Bridges

9. In 2012, the winner caught the 5 fish limit weighing in at 12.45 lbs, the record to date.

10. 2015 set the bar high on number of participants – 26 Boats / 52 Anglers

11. Due to Covid in 2021, the tournament took a short hiatus.

12. The tournament headquarters has always been hosted at the City of Lenoir Water Treatment Facility.

13. For 20 years, the North Carolina Wildlife Boat Ramp at Conley Creek Access has been the launch site for the tournament on Lake Rhodhiss.

14. Sponsorship has grown over the years with 11 other companies supporting the tournament in 2022.

15. The entry fees per angler provide 100% payback to award winning participants after weigh-in.

16. According to Buddy Edmiston, McGill Utilities Operations Specialist, the tournament sticks with participants, and he continues to get questions about the event.

17. Barbecue continues to be the after-tournament dinner of choice.

18. A 30-boat limit remains in place today.

19. Nick Huffman, McGill Electrical Practice Area Lead, has organized the tournament over the last 8 years.

20. Annually, we all are reminded, “A day spent fishing is often served with a cool bottle of water and a very large slice of humble pie.”

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