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A Letter from the President

Leadership Transition at McGill

Andy lovingood
Andy Lovingood, PE

Earlier this year, McGill announced an exciting new brand to celebrate our 35th anniversary, along with a new tag line, “Shaping Communities Together.” We have transformed since our founding in 1984, from a small civil engineering firm based in Asheville, to a multi-discipline company providing diverse services across the Southeast. These services have evolved to meet the modern needs of our clients, many with whom we have worked with since the beginning. The diversity of our experience positions us to assist and shape communities for the future, and I am proud we can define ourselves as partners with you, working together.

As President of McGill for the past 18 years, I have been privileged to work with you, in concert with our talented leadership team, to deliver on many projects and initiatives. I am proud of our accomplishments and am excited to continue improving our programs of service to meet your diverse needs. Having enjoyed many successful years at the helm, the timing is right for me to transition and step into a new, just-as-important role at McGill on January 1, 2020.

Helping communities optimize their assets and services drives me as a professional. The modern McGill is an watengineering, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental, and management services consulting firm, possessing the right skill sets to meet these objectives. I remain more committed than ever to the quality of services we provide our clients and will continue my passion for such excellence in an even more direct manner as I take on new responsibilities.

I am pleased to announce that our Board of Directors has unanimously voted Andy Lovingood to serve as McGill’s next President, only the third in our history. Currently serving as our Vice President of Operations, Andy is a 25-year veteran of McGill with strong technical skills and extensive experience advising local governments on all aspects of infrastructure solutions and economic development. Andy also relies on his past public sector experience to provide our clients with improved policy and operations strategies.

His longevity with our company and commitment to our clients’ needs demonstrates our core values. I will work closely with Andy over the coming months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

I look forward to our future together.


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