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Bessemer City Implementing Pavement Management Program

Bessemer city public worksThe City of Bessemer City is investing in its roadway maintenance today, which will yield benefits lasting far into the future. McGill is assisting the City with the implementation of PAVER™ software, a recognized industry-standard pavement maintenance management system developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. PAVER™ is designed to optimize funds allocated for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

Building a Pavement System Database

McGill’s team of professionals is beginning its work with the City by first conducting a condition assessment survey and building the pavement system database. This database will calculate a pavement condition index to assess the current status and prioritize work planning. Next, our team will develop a maintenance and rehabilitation project list with associated cost estimates. We will utilize this information to assemble a five-year capital improvement plan and develop a predictive model to calculate long-term maintenance needs and budget-level cost estimates.

Making Decisions for Roads, Streets, and Parking Lots

Bessemer city downtownThrough McGill’s analysis, Bessemer City will be able to effectively manage its roadway system and make practical decisions to identify cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation needs for roads, streets, and parking lots. McGill Manager, Doug Chapman, stated: “This proactive approach to street condition management will better position the City to improve the overall condition of its road network, while planning for the costs.”

To learn more about how McGill can assist your community in creating a responsive pavement management program, follow this link.


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