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Emergency Communications System Upgrades

McGill’s electrical engineering team recently completed the design phase for the Low & Bonar emergency communications and mass notification system located in Enka, North Carolina. During this phase, we transformed the faulty and outdated bell system into a contemporary, code-compliant, three-type notification system throughout the 1.5-million-square-foot facility, which will notify employees of hazards. The new system will meet National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code and North Carolina Building Code standards. Currently, the project is in the bidding phase and is projected to be completed late summer to early fall of 2021.

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The Challenge

As a facility built in the Great Depression era, there are existing aspects of the plant that are extremely antiquated. The previous bell system, which has been in place for decades, has become unreliable for the safety of Low & Bonar employees, due to age and technology limitations.

The Solution

The new process will allow for three types of notification: audible (tone), visual, and intelligible voice. The different notification types will function in various emergency categories and are enacted in relation to what conditions are in place (i.e., strobe lights for loud areas). Redundancies, including the placement of fiber-optic communications loop and automatic system supervision, are being used to increase system integrity.

The Results

With the lives of Low & Bonar employees on the line, providing an updated and reliable system improves safety and lowers risk for the facility. According to the Low & Bonar Emergency Response Plan, using this new technology will reach employees with a much higher accuracy and protect lives in the process. McGill is proud to continue our work alongside clients through this innovative project.

It’s very satisfying to design a system that will provide critical and potentially life-saving communications to folks.

  • Phil Fisher, PE
    Electrical Services Manager at McGill

Low & bonar

Low & Bonar produces advanced, high-performance materials from polymer-based yarns and fibres. The proprietary technologies they use to weave and create them lead to products with exceptional strength and versatility. They bring unique solutions to a wide range of markets.

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Project Services Included:

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