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Henderson County, NC

Haywood Crossing Subdivision

McGill performed this pre-purchase site evaluation to provide the proposed buyer with information regarding local, state, and federal regulations concerning aquatic resources and threatened and endangered species, as well as potential environmental conditions related to hazardous materials linked to the subject property.


The Challenge

When commercial and residential land developers are interested in the purchase of a property, a large part of the due diligence phase is determining the potential regulatory issues that the property may possess. Many properties contain surface waters or plant and animal species that are regulated by local, state, and federal agencies. Also, historic uses of the property may have included the production or handling of hazardous materials that could permanently contaminate site soils and groundwater.

The Solution

McGill completed a delineation of the property to locate and assess any regulated surface waters, and staff surveyed the property for listed plant and animal species and their critical habitats. In addition, McGill completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), which included a hazardous materials historical records search and site assessment to determine the potential for contamination on the property.

The Results

The data collected during the delineation was used to map all regulated features on the property and provide the client with a detailed report addressing each environmental feature, the corresponding regulations and permitting associated with each feature, and a summation of how to acquire these permits through regulating agencies. The Phase I ESA report detailed the historic uses of the property and adjoining properties, and it provided the client with McGill’s opinion on the likelihood of contamination on the property.

“A well-rounded analysis of potential environmental issues during the due diligence stage of property acquisition can detect issues early in the land development process, saving money and time, and provide developers with a baseline of information to aid in their decision-making process.”

  • Jon Swaim
    Environmental Specialist

Jon swaim and jonathan herman of mcgill environmental team

Jon Swaim and Jonathan Herman of McGill’s Environmental Services Team

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Project Services Included:

  • Property Delineation
  • Survey of Plant and Animal Species and Their Habitats
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


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