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Celebrating National Healthy Lifestyles Month

How McGill is Shaping Healthier Communities, Starting with Our Own Employees

Rocky face2November is recognized as National Healthy Lifestyles Month, but here at McGill we like to celebrate and encourage a healthy lifestyle all year round. McGill’s award-winning land planning and recreation team is comprised of landscape architects, planners, and engineers who are known across the Southeast for their expertise and dedication to building healthy and active communities.


From urban design and city streetscapes to parks and greenway trails, the overall health of a community is at the heart of each project we undertake, because it is evident that citizens and businesses thrive when health is made a priority.

Whether you like to ride your bike to work, enjoy a picnic in the park with family, or explore local shops downtown with your friends, McGill is behind the scenes working to ensure you have access to and can enjoy these things that positively impact your mental and physical health.

Img 2548 e1636475225858Our mission of shaping healthy communities, begins in each of our eight offices. McGill puts a great deal of emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our employees, because if we are feeling our best, our work reflects that.


For example, employees in our Raleigh office have access to a full gym, our Asheville office participates in the Asheville Chamber Challenge 5k each year, and employees across all our offices are able to take advantage of the McGill medical reimbursement program that can be used to purchase gym memberships, take yoga classes, buy wellness items and exercise equipment, etc. We also offer eligible employees a WorkPlus program that allows for a flexible and customizable work schedule.



Check out our careers page to see how you can become a part of the McGill team, where you have the privilege of contributing to the health of your community while keeping your own personal health at the forefront as well.

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