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Celebrating National Intern Day with McGill

Mcgill interns
Corinne Slutsky, Hunter Jensen, and Lillie Williams

On National Intern Day, McGill celebrates and recognizes the incredible contributions of our talented interns who bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and innovation to the McGill team. Internships have become an essential stepping stone for many young individuals looking to enter the workforce, and McGill is excited to have this group of bright and intelligent interns this summer.

To understand their motivations and aspirations, McGill met with our summer interns, delving into the reasons behind their decision to spend their summer with us. Their insights and experiences shed light on the significance of fostering an invaluable intern program that nurtures their growth and development personally and professionally.

How did you hear about McGill?

Tyler Long (TL): I heard about McGill from Michael Norton, the Shallotte Office Manager. I developed a relationship with Michael after connecting with him prior to going to Liberty University. He then informed me of the internship program when I started my classes at Liberty.

Lillie Williams (LW): My grandfather has worked with McGill employees in the past and always spoke very highly of the company and the individuals he worked with. After having the opportunity to speak with several McGill employees myself, I was able to learn more about the work McGill does and gain a greater understanding of the company.

Corrine Slutsky (CS): My uncle has worked for McGill my entire life, so I have always known about the company. However, I am not an engineer, so I had not considered working for McGill. It wasn’t until this past fall that I realized there could be an opportunity for me at McGill. Thank you, Uncle Mike!

Why did you want to spend your summer with McGill?

Hunter Jensen (HJ): I wanted to spend my summer with McGill to obtain some experience working as an electrical engineer and to gain skills that can help me become a better engineer in the future.

Clay Bornhorst (CB): I wanted to spend my summer with McGill to gain experience that will help me in the future as an engineer.

LW: As I begin my third summer interning at McGill, I am always excited to return because of the remarkable culture that exists within the company. I am treated as a valuable member of the team and get to have a part in projects that are meaningful to communities.

What has been your favorite part of working at McGill so far?

Intern gracie 2
Gracie Rudisill, Intern

Gracie Rudisill (GR): I have only been here a week so far and I can already tell that McGill is a very wholesome company and wants their employees to have a good work-life balance. Everyone has been very welcoming to me.

TL: My favorite part is growing relationships with my coworkers and connecting with the community through local projects.

HJ: My favorite part about working at McGill has been how helpful my coworkers have been. They always help me when I do not understand something. I have enjoyed working on a variety of different tasks instead of doing the same thing all the time.

What is something you want to experience while you are here?

HJ: I want to experience site visits and field work while I am here. I have been able to go to one job site already.

JF: It would be awesome to help contribute to a project in the design phase and use what I helped contribute to in a project when they break ground.

GR: I want to see the technical work in AutoCAD that goes into designing a project.

How do you feel this internship is preparing you for your future? How does it relate to your cuttent education plan?

TL: This internship is preparing me for my future by teaching me the different processes that occur through the project cycle. This relates directly to my education plan since I plan to step into this field of work post-graduation.

CS: I am learning so much. The marketing team has trained me on so many different programs. They are truly getting me involved in their work. I feel like a part of the team with them. This internship is going to give me so many hirable skills and build my resume. It is giving me a better understanding of how to realistically use my degree.

CB: I feel like this internship is preparing me for my future by showing me the type of work that is done and what it takes to complete it. My major is Architectural Technology, and it relates to my education plan by me getting a lot of experience using AutoCAD.

JF: It is giving me a ton of workplace experience and knowledge on water / wastewater. I have learned more in the past two weeks than the past two years, it feels like. It relates to my college plan because it will help me with future classes pertaining to water / wastewater.

HJ: I believe this internship is preparing me for the future because it is teaching me several engineering skills that I do not get taught at college. It relates to my current education plan because I am studying electrical engineering and I am working with the electrical team at McGill.

LW: Interning at McGill is what ultimately led me to choose civil engineering as my major. After witnessing the impact McGill projects have on communities and individuals, I knew this was the field of engineering I wanted to have a part in. It is exciting to be able to relate what I have learned and continue to learn in the classroom to projects I get to work on while at McGill. I feel that the education I have received at NC State paired with the experience and knowledge I have gained at McGill will allow me to confidently begin my career after graduation.

As we celebrate National Intern Day, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to each of our interns for their dedication, commitment, and insightful contributions to the McGill team. We are committed to providing them with a meaningful and rewarding experience, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive as invaluable leaders in their future.




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