Engineers week 2023

Engineers Week 2023 Interview: Tia Register, PE, Project Engineer

This week at McGill we celebrate Engineers Week, a week dedicated to celebrating the future of engineering. The week was created by the National Society for Professional Engineers (NSPE) an organization that is dedicated to “Creating a world where the public can be confident that engineering decisions affecting their lives are made by qualified and ethically accountable professionals.” The theme this year for Engineers Week is Creating the Future. With this theme in mind, we interviewed six of our employees who are newer to the field of engineering and are paving the way in the engineering field each day. Read our interviews each day to find out what excites them about their current work and the future.

Engineers Week 2023: Today, meet Tia Register, PE, Project Engineer in our Hickory office

Why did you pursue the engineering field?

Tia registerI was really interested in math and science growing up. I’ve always had a love of the environment, and I wanted to be able to help with the conservation and preservation of the environment. I felt like I would be able to contribute and make a difference with engineering. Additionally, both of my parents were engineers.

What excites you about problem solving?

I love the process of coming up with a variety of possible solutions and deciding which one works best. For me, this is also why I enjoy working on a team. Together as a team and sharing ideas with each other they can then create and spark the best possible solution.

What are your hopes for the future of engineering? How do you plan to be a part of that / contribute to that?

I hope that engineering, as a whole, continues to find more sustainable practices to ensure we are able to conserve and preserve our environment. I hope to stay educated on these practices and incorporate them into my work, whenever practical.

Is there a project you’ve recently worked on that you are proud of?

I just recently received my Professional Engineer (PE) license this past September, and I just signed my first project and plan set. This was a big moment in my career and something I’m very proud of.
Do you have any influential women who have inspired you to get into the field?

Creating the future, girl day 2023My mom inspired and encouraged me to become an engineer. When I was younger and before I went to college, my mom would tell me stories about the multitude of people in her life that really tried to dissuade her from becoming an engineer or to leave the engineering career field because she was a female. She told me these stories, not to scare me, but to help me understand some potential experiences I could face and to not let anyone or anything discourage me or get in the way of me pursuing my dreams. During college and in the five years I have worked in civil engineering, I am proud to say I have never personally had any of the experiences like my mom did. Not to say it wasn’t hard, but I am so grateful to the strong women before me that have paved the way.

Do you have any influential women who have inspired you to get into the field?

Never allow anyone to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Engineering, truly, is an amazing field to work in. Make sure to find a company with the culture you are looking for and a great group of people to work with. I am so grateful to have found McGill. I work with some remarkable people who teach me and help me learn new things everyday but also are lighthearted, and we can joke around with each other. Sometimes the people you work with make all the difference in your job.

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