Asheville’s Former City Manager Joins McGill

Gary Jackson Comes Aboard Consulting Services Team

Gary jacksonBringing over 30 years of experience in the city management field, Gary Jackson joined McGill Associates on January 3rd, as the new Business Services Manager. Gary recently retired from his position as Asheville City Manager, after serving the city for 13 years.

Beginning his service in 2005, Gary oversaw the development of an enhanced downtown that is now a focal point of the community and attracts a diversity of all age ranges and backgrounds. Asheville’s downtown has a vibrant mix of land uses with strong retail, restaurants, offices, and hotels.

“While Gary has broad experience in all aspects of local governing management, he has particularly strong skills in developing, funding, and executing capital improvement programs,” said Jim Bourey, Director of Consulting Services. “Gary understands the needs of downtown development and guiding plans to achieve successful plan implementation, facilitating the development of a consensus plan for community improvement, and working with elected officials in developing strategies to achieve community goals.”

Noteworthy Project: River Redevelopment Plan

Among his many successes in Asheville, Gary leaves behind a notable legacy project, the River Redevelopment Plan. He led the effort on the 85-million-dollar infrastructure improvement project, which is currently under construction and will transform the River Arts District in Asheville once it is complete. “That’s something I can point to and feel proud of,” Gary recounted.

During his tenure in Asheville, Gary worked with McGill on various projects throughout the city. This created an opportunity for him to become familiar with the “high caliber people” that he says make up the firm.

Importance of Sharing Values: Honesty, Integrity, and Respect

“What attracted me here is that I knew the values of McGill matched mine: honesty, integrity, and respect,” Gary explained. “It makes a big difference if you’re working with people you like, respect, and trust. Those are qualities I see in the McGill team.”

In his new role at McGill, Gary will be performing consulting services for cities and counties. This will include applying best practices for community development planning, infrastructure, and financing projects.

Benefiting Communities

“Being a part of the McGill Consulting Services team is exciting to me,” Gary said. “This position allows me to apply my experiences and problem-solve for communities who are trying to figure out how to take their organization or community to the next level.”

Gary is looking forward to helping cities and counties find solutions, seize opportunities, and create pathways for prosperity. He is proud to be a part of a team that contributes to the overall success of communities.

“This is an honor and privilege to work for McGill,” added Gary. “I’m humbled by the opportunity and I’m going to give it my best.”

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