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Getting To Know McGill’s Tennessee Office Manager: Jamie Carden

Jamie carden
Jamie Carden, PE

For 9 years, Jamie Carden has played an indispensable role at the McGill Knoxville office. With a wealth of experience in local government and utilities, Jamie brings a fresh and distinctive perspective to every project he undertakes. His deep understanding of the clients in his region allows him to effectively address their unique needs. However, it is within the water and wastewater discipline where Jamie’s true passion lies, and his unwavering motivation stems from the knowledge that his work in the engineering field directly contributes to helping others. In an effort to provide insight into Jamie’s journey, we sat down with him for an interview to delve into his role, his experiences at McGill, and the driving forces behind his continued inspiration.

Why did you choose to enter the engineering field?

Growing up in a small, rural community, I always wanted to have a job that would take me outside my hometown, make an impact elsewhere, and then be able to return home and know that I helped others to the best of my abilities.

What does the day to day in your position look like?

Jamie carden, knoxville office managerWork through emails early morning, make and take calls, work with office and field staff on current projects, more email, more calls, look ahead for the next day’s expected needs, take a breath, and start again.

Why do you love working at McGill?

Having been a utility manager, I have seen the struggles that managers and operators face daily, whether technical, financial, or sometimes political. These experiences have helped me to better understand their challenges, and hopefully, using my experiences as a professional, make an immediate impact for the residents for improved and long-lasting service.

What is your favorite project you have been involved in with McGill?

City of Elizabethton – Doe River Water Line Crossing (currently out to bid) It serves my hometown in a big way. It involves redundance water supply across the flood-prove Doe River in the Valley Forge community. The McGill team helped prepare the documents to receive funding approval from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).

McGill’s tagline is ‘Shaping Communities Together’. What does ‘Shaping Communities Together’ mean to you?

Having lived in rural areas for most of my life, infrastructure and utilities are key assets for community successes. At McGill, I have been fortunate to work on these critical items with community leaders from all sides of the spectrum.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a new hire at McGill?

Jamie and chaseI tell them to double check their work, find a mentor, always ask questions, and don’t go-at-it-alone.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t at work?

You can usually find me coaching baseball, hunting, golfing, and helping my sons grow to be men.

If a movie about McGill was made, what actor/actress would you want casted to play you?

Clint Eastwood

Work with Jamie Carden in McGill’s Tennessee Office

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the engineering, check out our openings in the Knoxville office. Email us at info@mcgillassociates.com, or call us at 844.448.4333.



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