No more potholes: investing in road maintenance now yields long term benefits

No More Potholes: Investing in Road Maintenance Yields Long Term Benefits

Create a Responsive Pavement Management Program for Road Maintenance

Maxwell drive town of st. JamesDid you know: The cost of structural repair to your local roadway system is four to five times that of road maintenance. What if you could reduce these costs by more effectively managing your roadway system? This entails accurately measuring the condition of your assets, forecasting maintenance needs, defining cost, and prioritizing work. McGill has a trained team of engineers and field personnel with experience doing just that.

By investing in a Pavement Management Program (PMP) your community can benefit from significant savings. A PMP uses a predictive model to forecast roadway deterioration over time. This analysis allows managers to perform timely maintenance and rehabilitation to avoid more costly and extensive structural repairs, extending the pavement’s life. A PMP can help you effectively plan and budget pavement system investments over the long-term.

How Can McGill Help with Road Maintenance?

Hospital road intersection in ashevilleMcGill uses PAVER™ software, developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which is designed to optimize the funds allocated for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R). PAVER™ technology is based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey and rating procedure as defined by ASTM D-6433. The PCI is a measure of the pavement’s structural integrity and operational condition and is computed as a function of distress type, severity, and quantity. The PCI provides an objective and consistent measure of pavement condition.

What all is involved?

Our team of professionals will first conduct a condition assessment survey and build the pavement system database. The database will calculate a PCI to assess current status and prioritize work planning. Next, our team will develop an M&R project list with associated cost estimates. We will utilize this information to assemble a 5-year capital improvements plan (CIP) and develop a predictive model to calculate long-term maintenance needs and budget-level cost estimates.

What are the benefits to my Community?

Through this extensive analysis you will be able to make practical decisions to identify cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation needs for roads, streets, and parking lots. PAVER™ shows the effects of performing maintenance work and determines the life cycle costs for various M&R alternatives. It provides a rational and objective basis for evaluating pavement condition and determining M&R needs and priorities.

Utilizing PAVER™ results in both short-term and long-term benefits.

Short-term Benefits

South 2nd avenueYou will have:

  • Comprehensive condition assessment of your entire roadway system
  • A PCI for all pavement sections and for specific road classifications
  • Pavement work inventory
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Defined scope of work for M&R
  • M&R costs
  • Prioritized work projects
  • Formulation of a capital improvements plan

Long-term Benefits

These include:

  • PAVER’s predictive model that calculates 20-year PCI based on life-cycle performance curves and ongoing maintenance
  • Ability to forecast savings by managing pavement system using optimal M&R investment strategy
  • Ability to develop a budget that prioritizes needs to maintain or improve PCI to desired level of service

PAVER™ and North Carolina Powell Bill

The PAVER™ database provides output in a format that is consistent with North Carolina Powell Bill reporting standards. Powell Bill typically represents about one third of local M&R needs. The balance of M&R needs requires local funding, which magnifies the need for optimization and developing a PMP based on industry-standard methodology, supporting software, and performed by experienced field personal and engineers.

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