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McGill Attends Beam Signing Event at Statesville Fire Station 1


Img 8077On August 18, 2023, the Statesville Fire Department celebrated an important milestone by holding a beam signing ceremony at the new Fire Station 1 building site. The occasion celebrated the community’s dedication to service and safety as well as progress in the construction of an essential facility.

The red support beam, which will be a vital part of Fire Station 1’s structural framework, was the event’s focal point.  Attendees had the chance to make a lasting impression by signing their names on the beam. The beam, which can be seen from inside the engine bay, will serve as a constant reminder of those who worked together to make this momentous project a reality.

The event had a great turn-out. In attendance were City of Statesville staff and officials, the Statesville Fire Department, and members of the design and construction team.

Img 8073Presentations were given by Mayor Costi Kutteh, Fire Chief Clenn Kurfees, and Mike Carlisto of Edifice General Contractors. Following the presentations, City Project Manager Glen Bulloss led attendees on a tour of the facility.

McGill project manager Matthew Oetting said, “Attending these events allows McGill to celebrate project milestones, strengthening relationships with our clients and design partners, as well as market McGill’s involvement with projects for the betterment of communities.”


McGill is proud to have served as the civil / site consultant on the design-build team lead by Edifice General Contractors and ADW Architects.

Matt oetting
Matthew Oetting, PE

“McGill provided coordination between design disciplines, permit authorities, and stakeholders to develop a plan, to develop a particular project, on a specific site,” said Matthew about McGill’s involvement with the project. “Architectural, land planning, grading, utilities, stormwater, and code compliance must all come together in ways desirable to the stakeholders for a specific use to work successfully at a specific site, and the site civil provides that coordination.”  

Our team creates and designs plans that meet community needs, while staying true to our clients’ visions. We carefully consider each project’s functional and programmatic distinctiveness and tackle each one from an alternative perspective.


Img 8076According to the current schedule posted by the City of Statesville, the new fire station will officially open in the spring of 2024. Once up and running, this cutting-edge facility will certainly expand the Statesville Fire Department’s capabilities, enabling them to offer additional safety and security to the citizens they serve.


Click here to learn more about McGill’s civil engineering capabilities.

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