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McGill Benefits: Work-Life Balance

Due to the COVID-19  global pandemic, our attitudes around staying physically and mentally healthy while working full-time shifted significantly.

As a result, many businesses, McGill included, adopted hybrid work models that place a premium on providing employees with a work-life balance. Our Work Plus Program, paid time off, employee recognition events, and team-driven culture are all sources of great pride for our firm.


Here at McGill, we are aware that the work we are doing to shape the lives of those living in communities throughout the Southeast is extremely important. Consequently, we recognize the need for taking care of the people who are actually carrying out these roles and responsibilities. If we are at our best personally, then so is our work professionally.

Wes Fleming, MS-EPSE

McGill Roanoke Office Manager Wes Fleming said, “The first week after I came to work at McGill, the firm had a lunch for the whole office. My wife and I went to that barbeque, and we were taken in and accepted right away. We had so much fun playing games and going on a scavenger hunt. Now, five years later I am still at McGill because of the work-life balance, the relationships I have formed with my colleagues, and because I am made to feel like a valuable member of the team every day.”


We know that our success is dependent on our ability to form lasting relationships with each of our clients. Because we value our employees’ contributions to our clients and the firm’s performance, McGill provides a number of flexible work arrangements to accommodate employees’ need to balance work, family, and personal commitments. This policy allows staff to strike a good work-life balance, which directly affects the quality of our work.

In addition to having core work-day hours that empower employees to work flexible hours on a daily basis, the Work Plus Program also enables employees to have the option to work remotely throughout the week. The majority of our staff members take advantage of this benefit, and they really appreciate having it.

Many of our employees, for instance, prefer to keep active throughout the day, so they take advantage of the flexible hours in the middle of the workday to get outside and exercise. Employees can take advantage of the remote work option to complete tasks from the comfort of home, allowing them to better balance work and family responsibilities, or they can also choose to work from a different location, which may serve as a source of inspiration and a reset before returning to the office.


McGill staff members begin receiving paid time off from their first official day with the firm and are encouraged to make use of this perk in order to recharge, reconnect with family and friends, and travel the world.

When one of our staff members returns from a vacation at a national park, ski resort, overseas, or even just a few days at home, we are thrilled to hear about the restful time they had, and they always report feeling encouraged and rejuvenated to return to their work of serving our clients.


Whether we are having a virtual company-wide gathering to honor new or tenured colleagues, or we are celebrating the successful conclusion of a project, holiday, birthday, or significant life event for an individual, we love to make the most of the occasion.

Oftentimes, we don’t even need a reason celebrate in order to have a cookout, picnic, game of cornhole, or round of disc golf with our coworkers. We are a close-knit group at McGill and are always there to share in each other’s joys and successes.


Click here for more information on McGill’s work-life balance perks and send an email to if you’d like to learn more about why working at McGill could be a good fit for you.

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