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McGill Continues Work with the Town of Hoffman

Community Development Block Grant Extends Sewer in the Interest of Public Health

With the aid of the McGill team, the Town of Hoffman was awarded a Community Development Block – Infrastructure (CDBG-I) grant last year in the amount of $1,350,000 from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) for Phase 2 of the Hoffman Wastewater project. McGill is honored to have worked with Hoffman in applying for the grant and is now moving forward with engineering services and grant administration for this special project as Phase 1 now comes to a close.

CDBG-I Funding Improves Quality of Life

The purpose of the CDBG-I grant program is to improve the quality of life for low-to-moderate income people by providing a safe, clean environment and clean drinking water through water and sewer infrastructure improvements and extensions of service. The Town’s sewer system improvements project will extend public wastewater collection service to un-sewered areas. This service area is a low-income section within town limits which are experiencing multiple cases of failing septic systems. Phase 2 continues the work McGill completed during Phase 1, also supported by CDBG-I funds.

Through these grant dollars, the Town of Hoffman will be able to install approximately 7,070 linear feet of new 8-inch gravity sewer line, approximately 34 new manholes, and the connection of 34 existing low-to-moderate income residents to the new sewer line. These 34 existing residences will be connected to the new line and their existing failing septic systems will be properly demolished.

David honeycutt, pe
David Honeycutt, Pinehurst Office Manager

David Honeycutt, Senior Project Manager stated, “Through this project, Hoffman will provide new public wastewater collection infrastructure to its citizens and existing vacant residences that did not have a reliable method of wastewater disposal will once again become occupied.”

Working Closely with the Town of Hoffman

McGill’s grant administration team will work hand-in-hand with the Town of Hoffman, working with neighborhood residents and the community at-large to ensure program transparency, citizen participation, and fair housing compliance, as well as the full range of federal and state regulations.

We look forward to building upon our relationships with the Town of Hoffman to serve its citizens and provide critical infrastructure needs. If you have a project that you think may qualify for CDBG funds, we welcome the opportunity to come visit with your community – email us at Additionally, read about how McGill assisted in securing over $11 million for North Carolina communities in fall 2020 for 8 communities. Contact us to see how we can help get your next project off the ground.

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