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McGill Submitted a Record Number of Grant Applications for the Spring Cycle

McGill recognizes the importance of grant funding in launching new initiatives. Local municipalities rely on the expertise of our staff to help them secure financial resources for infrastructure and public facilities, as well as land development and economic revitalization projects. Our team at McGill has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of grant writing and administration, from federal and state to local. We have close ties with funders to stay abreast of financing and programmatic changes, allowing us to provide consistently high-quality service to our clients.


Twice a year, our firm assists communities in submitting funding requests to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality –Division of Water Infrastructure (NCDEQ – DWI) to fund critical infrastructure projects. With American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) monies from Congress entering play for the first time this spring, the significance of the entire season increased dramatically. Nearly all of our water and wastewater clients discussed ARPA funds along the way, and the financial services team at McGill ended up aiding four of our North Carolina offices in preparing and submitting 37 funding applications.

Rj mozeley square brick bestMcGill Financial Services Manager RJ Mozeley said, “These 37 applications are focused first on grant funds, but many will receive low-interest loans as well and though not all of the applications will be approved for funding, our team submitted a record value of funding requests. That amount was more than $330 million and we are eager to hear in a few months how our clients’ projects fared in competition. This effort would not have been possible without the diligent and coordinated efforts of many of our water / wastewater staff but special thanks to our financial services staff, project champions for each application, as well as the office managers in Raleigh, Pinehurst, Hickory, and Asheville. This was another example of McGill staff collectively getting these applications completed in time.”


We at McGill understand that the financing application process can be intimidating at times, which is why we are there for our customers at every step of the way to ensure their success.

Our grasp of what constitutes a competitive project in North Carolina and our long history of success in this category is what sets McGill apart when it comes to assisting our clients.

“It really is a collaboration and partnership between us and the owner. We work with our clients to develop a project scope that can score well. It’s all about finding the right fit project for the scoring criteria. We are helping clients identify infrastructure for replacement or rehab, and we are helping them prepare capital improvement plan (CIP) updates, utilizing asset management plans, and then advising them on adjusting their user fees and rates so that they score more competitively,” explained RJ.


“For the staff of every one of these utility systems thatHickory teams october 2021 11 helped — if they get funded, every dollar that comes from ARPA grant money will be invested in their utility systems so they aren’t spending local resources. This helps staff fix problems that otherwise would remain problems due to lack of funds — like a sewer or pump station that is malfunctioning. Those problems can be solved, they are dealing with less after hours and problematic maintenance work. It takes the headache out of their day-to-day operations,” noted RJ.

“And for the user, every dollar that these utilities spend on capital projects has to be recouped and oftentimes it is through loans that have to be serviced by rate increases. Everything besides grant dollars ultimately comes back to the user’s pocket. In the end, the funding application efforts turn into an indirect effort to not only protect the health and welfare of citizens throughout the Southeast but to also take the financial burden off of them as well.”


Reach out to our team at info@mcgillassociates.com or 844.448.4333 to discuss your project for fall application cycle. Click here to read more about how McGill has been supporting communities through grant research, development, writing, and administration.

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