McGill is Gearing up for the Upcoming Career Fair Season


McGill participates in career fairs on a consistent basis and looks forward to having conversations with college students about potential internships and full-time job openings. As a firm, we recognize the unquestionable value that recent graduates bring to the table, whether it be in their capacity to provide novel ideas and fresh outlooks or in their technical knowledge of the most cutting-edge best practices.

Kailey bevins 2022
Kailey Bevins

McGill Recruiting and Engagement Coordinator Kailey Bevins said, “It’s important to have visibility on campuses that we recruit from so students know of ongoing opportunities with McGill, whether that be for internships or full-time positions.”


The foundation of McGill’s success is the varied pool of skilled employees that we have on staff. Their one-of-a-kind abilities, creative approaches to problem solving, efficient communication styles, and a sincere interest in making the communities in which they live and work better, serve as the primary differentiating elements that set our firm apart.

Aside from our expertise in water and wastewater, solid waste, land planning and recreation, electrical, civil, survey, construction administration, environmental, and consulting — McGill is most renowned for the enduring connections to our new and longstanding clients and partners.

In addition to providing competitive pay and benefits, our workplace culture places a high value on teamwork, personal development, career growth, and integrity.

2“McGill is different from other engineering firms at the career fairs because we are large enough to offer so many services but small enough that we still have well-rounded employees who get to work on a variety of projects and expand their skills,” noted Kailey. “This is important to new grads just starting their careers as they’ll get the opportunity to find what they’re really interested in rather than being pigeonholed into doing one thing.”


As McGill continues to experience growth, we are excited to bring on intelligent individuals who can assist us in our objective to shape communities and alter the lives of millions of people throughout the Southeast by means of the significant and highly effective work that we do in engineering.

“Students should consider McGill because we have plenty of opportunities for interns and new grads, and because we really invest in our employees. We have a great company culture, we value a healthy work / life balance, we promote our employees’ professional development and ongoing learning, and we have an excellent benefits package,” explained Kailey.


We offer paid internships for students seeking a degree in civil, environmental, water resources, electrical engineering, and related fields. The objective of an internship is to integrate the knowledge and theories learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional and supportive setting.

Those who are just starting out in their professions, those who want to advance in their jobs, and those who are searching for a new role that will challenge them will all find a welcoming atmosphere at McGill. In the same way that we are fostering relationships with clients and shaping communities via the provision of our services, we are also making efforts to cultivate a positive culture of work among the employees across each of our eight locations.

McGill has desirable office locations throughout the Southeast: Asheville, Hickory, Raleigh, Pinehurst, Shallotte, and Smithfield, North Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Williamsburg, Virginia.


Kailey said to keep in mind that, “We are looking for well-rounded students who have worked hard in their college careers to have project and intern experience, develop both technical and soft skills, and who are interested and care about the work we do. I would advise the students to be as prepared as possible — dress professionally, bring plenty of resumes to hand out, and research the companies you’re interested in beforehand.”


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See below for a list of upcoming in-person and virtual career fairs that McGill will be attending:

September 14th – Wake Forest University Fall Career Fair

September 15th – West Virginia University STEM Career & Internship Fair

September 20th and 21st – Clemson University Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, & Science Fair

September 21st – Duke University TechConnect Career Fair

September 24th – University of Tennessee at Knoxville Engineering / STEM Career Fair

September 27th – Tennessee Technological University Employer Expo Job & Internship Fair

September 28th – North Carolina State University Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering (CCEE) Career Fair

October 4th – Western Carolina University Career Fair

October 10th – Virginia Tech Civil Engineering Fall Career Fair

October 14th – University of North Carolina at Charlotte College of Engineering Connection Day

We are so excited to meet the attendees and have productive interactions with each of them!


Click here to learn more about McGill’s current job opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a part of the McGill family, email your resume to

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