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McGill’s Land Planning and Recreation Team Meets with Directors at Conference


Last week, members from McGill’s land planning and recreation team attended the Recreation Resources Service’s (RRS) 74th Annual North Carolina Parks and Recreation Directors Conference. RRS is North Carolina’s oldest technical assistance program for parks and recreation agencies, and they support land planning professionals by providing technical assistance, applied research, and continued education.

RRS’s mission is to “encourage excellence in recreation, parks, and outdoor space design with a goal to foster public health and inclusivity by providing knowledge and technical expertise.”

McGill’s approach to land planning and recreation projects is in alignment with RRS’s vision, as our primary intention is to ensure that communities are given opportunities to thrive, and that every individual within that community feels welcome to enjoy the outcomes of our efforts.


Jim ford 2019
Jim Ford

As a relationship-driven organization, we welcome any opportunity to interact with key decision makers from municipalities across North Carolina.

McGill Park Planner Jim Ford said, “I think the conference was a success because we got to see people face to face. I personally feel that our attendance is important at these conferences to connect with our parks directors and update them on how McGill’s land planning and recreation team is playing an active role in recreation planning across the state.”


Luann bryan
LuAnn Bryan

LuAnn Bryan, a project consultant on McGill’s land planning and recreation team, said, “I think the RRS conference is the best conference for parks and recreation as it is only directors in attendance, and they can interact with us freely. We were able to make connections for several future projects and meet with current clients.”

Just as our staff enjoys making connections with directors at conferences, we also seek to design and construct spaces that foster community interaction. Whether it’s a greenway trail, bike lane, city corridor, or local park, the overall objectives are always the same — to create spaces that seamlessly blend with the natural environment and provide the individuals utilizing those spaces with opportunities to connect with one another.


Our staff is returning from the conference with a renewed perspective on professional growth, honed skills, in-depth understanding of grant programs that support park development, and training on the newest technological innovations.

Jim explained, “Parks and greenways that are managed by different municipalities across the state provide a valuable resource for the improvement of public health and well-being. McGill has helped guide many communities in their quest to plan for and provide appropriate recreation facilities to meet the desires and needs of their patrons.”


Click the links below to learn more about McGill’s award-winning land planning and recreation team, and some of the impactful work that they have done across the Southeast.

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Mike norris spotlight 2
Mike Norris, PLA


Contact Mike Norris, PLA, Director of Land Planning and Recreation, through email at mike.norris@mcgillassociates.com if you require assistance with a land planning or recreation project.






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