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“Shaping Communities Together” is more than a tagline, it is a culture. It is about collaborating and creating solutions together to improve the communities we love—those places where we live, work, and play. In this series, you will hear seasoned advice from local government leaders, innovators, engineers, and planners on how to shape your community for the better. Through this podcast, we plan to share successes of our clients throughout the Southeast and highlight projects other communities can replicate. Whether you want to explore topics—such as grants or arc flash—hear the latest industry trends and regulations, or dive into an innovative project, this podcast is for you.

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Episode 06

Pandemic Focuses Efforts on Safer Air Handling Systems

Have you ever wondered how the air handling system works at your office, your school, or your local hospital? Or, with the transmission of germs and viruses at the top of mind, how good the air quality is in these different places? On this podcast, our team asks Drew Hubbard, PE, McGill’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Project Manager, some questions to find out what new technologies are available to address indoor environmental issues, such as potential virus transmission, inhalation of small particulates, and allergens, as well as what facility operators with limited resources can do to protect employees.

Episode 05

Landing that First Career Opportunity
Tips from Engineering Associates

Read our article with five takeaways from the podcast.

Episode 04

Utilities Under Stress, Part 1

Utilities Under Stress, Part 2

Utilities Under Stress, Part 3

Episode 03

Redefining Parks and Recreation: Embracing Change

Episode 02

Navigating Uncharted Waters: Financial Planning Through the Pandemic

Episode 01

Seasoned Advice for Local Government Managers:
Six Guiding Principles for Managing Through a Crisis

Download the Six Guiding Principles for Managing Through a Crisis

Our consultants at McGill have over 100 years of collective experience in local government management, including a proven track record for overcoming setbacks from the Great Recession, 9/11, and other difficult times. Together they have developed these lessons from their experience. Download the pdf for the helpful advice.

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