McGill Attends the NCCCMA Summer Seminar

Img 6039McGill was an exhibitor and sponsor at the North Carolina City and County Management Association Summer Seminar (NCCCMA) in the Town of Beaufort on  June 23 – 25, 2022. This conference focused on subjects of relevance to city and county managers and administrators, and McGill appreciated the opportunity to spend time with our clients who are working to ensure the prosperity of their city or county.

McGill recognizes that city and county managers play an important role in facilitating relationships, and as a relationship-based company, we are eager to stand alongside them and assist with projects that allow their communities and citizens to thrive.

After the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are thrilled to be resuming face-to-face interactions with our clients and have enjoyed spending quality time with them discussing ongoing and future endeavors.

Gary jackson
Gary Jackson

“The NCCCMA conference setting is a good ice breaker and better than cold calls to meet potential new clients,” said McGill Financial Services Analyst Gary Jackson, “and with over 120 managers and assistants that attended, it was a great turnout for a summer conference.”

“I give NCCCMA an excellent rating for the attendance and opportunities for business development,” said Gary.


In addition to a pre-conference golf tournament, a workshop on strategic planning for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) agenda, and an opening night reception, there were a number of insightful sessions and speeches on topics such as disruptive and disturbing trends, building the talent pipeline, trends shaping the future of the workforce, preventing burnout, and more.

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“The seminar sessions were excellent — for example, the one on demographics and in-migration to North Carolina was very informative. Plus, the golf tournament and the networking opportunities at breakfast, lunch, and receptions, that both McGill and NCCCMA sponsored, provided good opportunities to meet new potential clients,” explained Gary.

McGill left the NCCCMA Summer Seminar with a revitalized perspective, new and strengthened contacts with outstanding city and county managers, and a deeper understanding of client-relevant trends.


You can discover more about how McGill collaborates with community leaders to develop innovative solutions by clicking here.

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