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McGill Opens a New Office in Roanoke, Virginia: Meet Office Manager, Wes Fleming


McGill is delighted to announce the opening of its new office in Roanoke, Virginia. This expansion marks an exciting milestone for our firm, as we extend our footprint into a vibrant and thriving community. With the addition of a second Virginia office, McGill is well-positioned to serve clients in Southwest, Southside, Central, and the Hampton Roads regions of the Commonwealth.

Equally as thrilling is the appointment of Wes Fleming as the office manager for the McGill Roanoke office. With his extensive experience in engineering and a deep commitment to community engagement, Wes is poised to be a strong leader for the Roanoke office.

Danny bridges virginia
Danny Bridges, PE

McGill Vice President and Virginia Regional Manager, Danny Bridges, views the opening of the Roanoke office as a natural progression for McGill, noting: “Our firm currently serves clients across the breadth of the Commonwealth. Our Williamsburg office remains a hub to serve our clients in the Hampton Roads and Southeast Virginia regions, and our desire to grow in Virginia leads us to the next step in the process – adding another location to allow us to stay local to our client base. Roanoke’s geographic location and lifestyle enhancements, such as cost of living and recreation opportunities, stood out to McGill’s leadership when considering opening a second office.”


Wes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as office manager. His proficiency in project design – combined with his skills in project management, client relations, and having a continuous desire for learning – make him an asset to our team and clients. Wes has been a key to success in a variety of water, wastewater, electrical, and land planning projects.

Wes 2
Wes Fleming, PE

Joining McGill in June 2017, Wes quickly found a supportive and welcoming environment within the company. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “From day one, I had the opportunity to work on fascinating projects in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.” This encouragement and meaningful work fostered a sense of belonging and spurred Wes’ continuous professional growth.

“I am excited about this new role as office manager for the McGill Roanoke office, especially in a beautiful place like the Roanoke Valley,” Wes added. “We look forward to building new relationships, while also continuing to strengthen our relationships with existing clients in and around the Commonwealth.”

As the newly appointed office manager in Roanoke, Wes sees his role as an exciting new step for McGill. Roanoke, with its picturesque surroundings in the Roanoke Valley, provides an ideal backdrop for this new undertaking. He envisions the Roanoke office becoming McGill’s Virginia production hub. With its potential for growth and strategic location, the sky is the limit for the new office.


When asked why someone should consider joining the McGill team in Roanoke, Wes enthusiastically described the company’s culture as one of family, camaraderie, and dedication to serving local communities. McGill emphasizes the well-being of its employees, both professionally and personally, fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment. Wes believes that McGill’s success stems from it being an, “exceptional place to work, where employees feel valued and are driven by the knowledge that their projects directly benefit their own communities that they know and love.” This culture will undoubtedly extend to the Roanoke office, making it an attractive destination for talent in the region.


Roanoke valley
Roanoke, Virginia

McGill’s new office in Roanoke, Virginia, signifies our commitment to expanding our reach and serving communities in the area. Through our expertise in engineering, land planning, and consulting services, we are eager to contribute to the development of the Roanoke Valley and its surrounding communities.

Wes is passionate about integrating himself into and actively participating in the Roanoke community. He values the importance of understanding the challenges faced by communities and helping find solutions that enhance people’s quality of life. Wes firmly believes in McGill’s motto of “shaping communities together” and aims to bring the firm’s culture and vision to Roanoke. By embodying this philosophy, he hopes to forge lasting relationships, contribute to local initiatives, and make a positive impact on the people living in and around Roanoke. “Right now I am looking out the window at the community in my area and thinking to myself ‘What would I hope for the people of Roanoke and surrounding areas?’ and what came to mind is – I hope that I can help bring the McGill culture and vision to Roanoke and help shape our communities in a way that is beneficial to everyone,” explained Wes.


Click here to learn more about how McGill can best serve your community. If you have any questions about our new office in Roanoke, job opportunities, or projects that we can assist you with, email Wes at

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