Asheville Chamber Challenge

McGill Participates in the 2019 5K Race

A team from McGill’s Asheville office participated in the annual Asheville Chamber Challenge 5K race on Friday, June 7th. Winding through historic Montford, the three-mile course is a celebration of workplace wellness, for which McGill always strives. “The race turnout this year was fantastic!” said Nathan Sawyer, EI, a Planner in McGill’s Asheville office. “There was a lot of positive energy and I was able to meet up with other friends and colleagues from various local businesses. But the most enjoyable aspect of the Chamber Challenge 5K was team-building with our office.”

Mcgill staff prepare for the raceYvonne Janssen, a Community Planner at McGill, said the course took runners up and down hills, around curves, and along the flat roads of Montford. She appreciated the beautiful views along the race and enjoyed the group camaraderie.

Mountain view during the asheville chamber challenge“In the conversations I had with co-workers before the race, I learned something about them that I didn’t know before,” said Yvonne. “While we spend a good part of our lives at work, we are so much more than what we do for a living.”

Nathan said that outside of work he loves staying active outdoors in the Asheville area by mountain biking, running in road races, and enjoying water sports in local lakes. Working for a company where work-life balance is valued is important to McGill employees across the board.

“Staying active is crucial to being productive at work,” said Nathan. “I feel that your overall attitude improves if you are are both physically and mentally healthy!”

Mcgill staff prepare to run the chamber challengeYvonne also enjoys getting outdoors every chance she gets.

“I’ve always been an active person and love being in motion,” said Yvonne. “Work and play, in equal measure, are vital to my well-being.”

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