McGill Success Continues – Securing Grant Funding for Critical Infrastructure Needs

Grants and funding folderMcGill has a successful track record of helping communities launch projects and secure funding to support their critical needs. In the last 3 years, McGill has assisted over 50 communities and utility districts in successfully securing over 86 million in grant and loan funds to provide critical infrastructure and community livability improvements, benefiting thousands of people across 3 states.

Fall Funding Round Builds Upon Success

McGill secured over six million dollars in the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) fall 2019 round to make significant impacts for communities in Western North Carolina and the Sandhills region. These funds were allocated from the Community Development Block Grant – Infrastructure (CDBG-I) program, Asset Inventory and Assessment (AIA) grant program, and Merger / Regionalization Feasibility (MRF) program.

The CDBG-I grant has been in place since 2013 with the purpose to construct public water and sewer infrastructure to mitigate public and environmental health problems in low- to moderate-income areas. McGill secured three CDBG-I grants for the Town of Hoffman, the Town of Clyde, and the Town of Andrews:

  • Hoffman received $1.35 million in funding for significant wastewater improvements to provide public sewer infrastructure to 562 homes for the first time
  • Clyde received $910,050 in funding to improve water infrastructure and capacity, increasing water lines from 2 to 4 inches
  • Andrews received $1.8 million in funding for improved sewer lines

In addition, McGill secured two AIA grants for the Town of Hot Springs and the Town of Valdese, and an MRF grant for the Town of Canton. AIA funds assist water and wastewater utilities in becoming more viable and proactive in the management and financing of their systems. The MRF program funds studies to evaluate the potential consolidation or two or more systems into one system and the potential physical interconnection with another system for regional wastewater treatment or regional water supply.

Recent Spring Round Applications

Karen kiehna and joel storrowBuilding upon the success of the fall rounds, McGill recently submitted over $72 million worth of construction funding to the NCDEQ for the spring funding round. These water and wastewater projects tapped into multiple funding programs, including the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, Appalachian Regional Commission, and Rural Development. Thirteen applications were submitted on behalf of nine communities across North Carolina.

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“The fall funding round’s success is a testament of McGill’s commitment to our clients – helping them secure funding to support their most pressing infrastructure needs. We are proud to partner with so many communities across the region to help shape their communities for the future,” stated Joel Storrow, Principal and Past President of McGill Associates.

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It is never too early to start discussing your project and funding needs. To schedule a meeting with a member of our grants team, please reach out to Joel Storrow at 828.712.0286. To learn more about all the consulting services McGill offers, check out our consulting services team page.


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