Valdese nc sewer system upgrades project

McGill to Design Valdese Sewer System Upgrades

Cline Avenue Basin and Pump Station Upgrades Project Underway

McGill recently began a new sewer system upgrades project with the Town of Valdese. The Cline Avenue Basin and Pump Station Upgrades project will involve design and construction of replacing aged pipelines and manholes, as well as pump station and force main in the Cline Avenue drainage basin of the Town’s wastewater collection system. The project will replace approximately 2,200 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch gravity sewer lines and associated gravity sewer manholes beginning at the existing Cline Avenue Pump Station and extending upstream along Double Branch Creek to Milton Avenue. The project will also upgrade the existing pump station’s mechanical and electrical equipment, discharge piping in the station, and approximately 1,575 LF of sewer force main.

This project will alleviate peak flow capacity issues that occur during heavy rainfall events. We will do this by upgrading mechanical components of the 26-year-old pump station. McGill staff will design replacements for:

  • The existing pump station piping with new, larger diameter force main piping and a new valve vault with check valves and fittings sized to carry more flow with less friction loss
  • Two existing submersible pumps with two new, submersible pumps of greater horsepower to increase the design flow and, consequently, firm pumping capacity
  • Associated necessary electrical components of the pump station

In addition to upgrades of the pump station mechanical equipment, repair work on the sewer collection system upstream of the Cline Avenue Pump Station will also be included in the project. This division of the project work will seek to remove and replace existing gravity sewers with pipeline integrity issues, as well as replace existing gravity sewer manholes that have integrity issues in addition to top / rim elevations that are below the existing flood zone elevation. All these replacements will combine to reduce the inflow / infiltration (I / I) tributary to the pump station.

RJ Mozeley, PE, Project Manager at McGill, detailed issues the Town has been dealing with and what our team will do to help:

Rj mozeley
RJ Mozeley, PE, Project Manager

“The Cline Avenue Basin has essentially been the Town’s only troublesome sewer basin for years now. An initial effort with a less-involved rehabilitation project for portions of this basin was completed roughly 5-6 years ago, but ultimately did not prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in the basin. We’re eager to help the Town get this more in-depth sewer system upgrades and replacement project completed to alleviate the headaches caused by this basin’s I/I and low pumping capacity, and we look forward to protecting the surrounding environment with a sound sewer system in the near future.”

We are excited to work with the Town of Valdese on this important project that will update the wastewater system, resulting in new system components to last for years to come.

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