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McGill Welcomes Cameron Long as New Water Resources Practice Area Leader

McGill is thrilled to announce the hiring of Cameron Long, PE as our new Water Resources Practice Area Leader. With over 21 years of experience in the field, Cameron brings a wealth of expertise to the team. His optimistic outlook, passion for shaping communities, and commitment to collaboration make him a valuable addition.


McGill’s water resources team provides expert guidance and solutions to help communities address their stormwater and flood-related challenges. Through our innovative designs and technologies, McGill is able to create sustainable and efficient municipal and natural systems improvements that benefit communities for years to come.

By working to improve stormwater infrastructure, we are able to support sustainable watershed management, protect against flooding and erosion, and support economic development. Our dedication to excellence in water resources makes us a strategic partner for clients looking to build resilience in their municipal systems.


Cameron’s journey into engineering started with a natural curiosity for how things work and a love for numbers. While in college, he discovered a passion for hydrology and hydraulics and decided to specialize in these areas.

Over the years, Cameron has worked on a wide range of projects, from stormwater control measures to asset inventory assessments and stormwater master plans. His experience includes working on projects in multiple states, ranging from small local jobs to large-scale projects worth millions of dollars.


Cameron long june 2024 3Cameron’s experience in floodplain mapping and stormwater design and permitting makes him an asset to McGill and the communities we serve.

Cameron enjoys using cutting-edge technology and automation tools to analyze the movement of water across watersheds. By understanding how water flows and behaves, he can help communities prepare for potential disasters and become more resilient in the face of storm events.


When asked what he enjoys most about his profession, Cameron mentioned “The satisfaction of passing on my knowledge to younger engineers. I believe that collaboration and shared learning are essential aspects of the engineering profession and enjoy working with my team to deliver quality services to clients.”


One of Cameron’s goals at McGill is to leverage the firm’s grant writing skills to bring much-needed solutions to smaller communities that are often underfunded. By working together with his team members and utilizing their technical capabilities, Cameron hopes to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.


“I really feel aligned with the McGill perspective – in the sense that we don’t go into a project to just get it done and move on. We want to build a relationship with our client and deeply understand their needs,” said Cameron.

“We want to not only be able to react, but also be proactive and think ahead for them.”


Click here to read more about McGill’s water resources team and the services we offer.

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