MS4: How Does it Affect Your Community?

As an MS4 community you may be aware that the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality – Department of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources (NCDEQ DEMLR) is stepping up their enforcement actions related to this program in 2019.

What is the Issue?

MS4 permit compliance audits will become a regular part of DEMLR’s MS4 program beginning in 2019. Based on the proposed audit schedule, each MS4 will be audited at least once per permit 5-year term. DEMLR has sent out invitations to all Phase II communities in NC requesting their participation in a series of workshops in March and April throughout NC. These workshops provided information regarding NPDES auditing and various compliance assistance tools that will be provided on their website.

How Can McGill Help?

McGill is a leading provider of stormwater program support services in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Our staff is knowledgeable in the NPDES Program, having worked on some of the first permits issued in the United States. We understand compliance requirements and the impacts these mandates can have on local governments. We can provide varied levels of support including performing program reviews and preliminary audits, to development of Renewal Applications and assessment of funding sources.

Typical services include:

MS4 Compliance Assistance:
  • Assist in communications with DEMLR
  • Develop a post-audit compliance response plan
  • Prepare MS4 Renewal Application and respond to comments from DEMLR
Recommended Best Practices:
  • Assess your current Stormwater Management Program
  • Perform preliminary MS4 compliance audits
  • Evaluate annual services needed to maintain compliance and meet future permit obligations
  • Evaluate current funding sources to ensure your community can support the anticipated compliance requirements in the upcoming permit renewal cycle

If you would like to know more about how McGill can assist you with this program, please talk to your McGill point of contact or contact our Director of Water Resources at the address below. For additional training resources visit NCDEQ’s website.

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Michael A. Hanson, PE, LEED AP

Director of Water Resources
McGill Associates, P.A.
5400 Trinity Road, Suite 107
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
T 919.378.9111
C 919.637.5594
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