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Building the Future: McGill is Celebrating National Construction Appreciation Week!

National Construction Appreciation Week provides McGill with the opportunity to express our gratitude towards construction professionals and acknowledge the profound impact they have on the engineering industry. As a firm that provides construction administration services, we understand the vital role that construction plays in the overall success of engineering projects.

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Mike Patton

McGill construction administration practice area leader Mike Patton said, “From funding administration to the building site, construction projects are becoming increasingly complex. Being a construction administrator or construction field representative requires significant coordination and planning, along with the ability to think critically while remaining adaptable.”

Construction professionals translate blueprints and engineering designs into tangible structures that shape the communities that we live in. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring quality, safety, and timely delivery is commendable and deserving of recognition.


At McGill, we are fortunate to work closely with construction professionals, witnessing their meticulous attention to detail firsthand. Our construction administration services provide a bridge between the design phase and the execution phase — ensuring that the construction process adheres to the proposed plans and specifications.

Our team members carefully monitor and manage construction projects, acting as a liaison between the clients, contractors, and regulatory bodies, to ensure seamless implementation of engineering designs.


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Effective construction administration ensures that projects adhere to our high standards. It acts as a guiding force throughout the construction process, ensuring that the project outcomes align with the initial design intent and expectations of our clients.

One crucial aspect of construction administration is quality control. By closely monitoring construction activities, our firm can identify and rectify any issues that may arise. This helps us maintain construction standards that ensure the safety and longevity of the built environment. A well-administered construction process assures our clients that their investments will result in structurally sound and aesthetic developments.

McGill recognizes that timely and cost-effective completion of projects directly impacts the satisfaction and well-being of the communities we serve and acknowledge that construction administration plays a pivotal role in mitigating cost overruns and delays. Effective administration ensures that construction progresses smoothly, with regular inspections and close supervision. This reduces the likelihood of errors or design modifications that could cause delays or budget constraints, leading to greater community satisfaction and client trust.

Construction administration also facilitates effective communication and collaboration among the diverse stakeholders that can be involved in a project. Our firm fosters a cohesive teamwork approach. This results in a harmonious construction process, which ultimately leads to the successful completion of projects that contribute to the overall health and happiness of communities.

Haywood streetscape construction downtown asheville“McGill’s construction services team navigates the complexities of our clients’ building projects in order to exceed their expectations and shape our dynamic communities,” explained Mike.


During this National Construction Appreciation Week, we wholeheartedly celebrate the contributions of construction professionals. We are happy to highlight their efforts and the important role they play in the success of our firm and the engineering industry as a whole. Their dedication and hard work have helped us achieve tremendous milestones, and we are grateful for the positive impact they have on the lives of the clients we serve.


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