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Recognizing the Behind-the-Scenes Heroes of the Engineering Industry: McGill Celebrates National IT Professionals Day


In the ever-evolving world of technology, the role of information technology (IT) professionals has become increasingly vital in nearly every industry. This is particularly true in the engineering industry, where complex software tools, advanced data analysis, and efficient network systems are essential for driving innovation and progress.

As we celebrate IT Professionals Day, it is important to acknowledge the importance of these individuals and the significant contributions they make to keep McGill running at peak performance for the clients that we serve.


McGill’s IT Services Manager, Leo Smith, has worked for the firm for more than 38 years. When it comes to IT needs, both big and small, he is always happy to help our team members. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to work with someone like Leo, who is familiar with every facet of McGill’s technology infrastructure.

Leo said, “Behind every great organization lies the dedication of passionate IT professionals. In a world driven by technology, the IT professional provides the appropriate tools for the engineering staff to be efficient and productive. It is our goal to provide a stable, reliable, and up-to-date IT infrastructure for our organization. The best kind of IT help calls are the ones that nobody has to make because everything is working as it should.”

Chris Daudert, a systems administrator recently hired by McGill, has already distinguished himself as a highly responsive and trustworthy IT expert — and we are very excited that he chose to bring his skillset to McGill.

We are so lucky to have the help of our knowledgeable IT specialists, and we proudly acknowledge that they are a part of the foundation that keeps McGill functioning smoothly.


IT professionals play a crucial role in all aspects of engineering — from research and development to implementation and maintenance. They are responsible for managing and maintaining the software systems that engineers rely on to design and analyze projects.

Whether it’s computer-aided design (CAD) software, simulation tools, or project management platforms, IT professionals are at the forefront of ensuring seamless operations. By streamlining processes and improving efficiency, they allow engineers to focus on their core tasks, leading to more productivity.

IT professionals are also instrumental in safeguarding sensitive engineering data. Cybersecurity breaches have the potential to cripple projects and compromise intellectual property. IT professionals work tirelessly to build secure networks and implement robust systems that protect valuable information from malicious attacks.


Our IT professionals’ expertise, from the most up-to-date software to encryption and vulnerability assessment, ensures that our firm can operate in an advanced, secure, and protected environment — fostering trust between us and our valuable clients and partners.


We appreciate our IT staff every day, but national IT Professionals Day provides McGill with the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of these behind-the-scenes heroes. It is crucial to recognize their significance in the engineering industry. Their expertise in managing software systems, safeguarding sensitive data, and integrating emerging technologies ensures the efficient functioning of all our engineering projects.

Without their efforts, our engineers could face considerable challenges in meeting project deadlines, collaborating effectively, and maintaining data security. So today, remember to express your gratitude to those IT professionals who are driving the progress of the engineering industry.

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