Shaping Communities Through Community Development Block – Infrastructure Grants

September 10, 2020

McGill was founded in Western North Carolina in 1984 and has been assisting communities – large and small – ever since, now serving a four-state region. One of our core services includes helping our local government clients secure funding for capital projects. This is especially important for smaller towns and counties, as they often need financial aid to complete critical water and sewer projects to meet regulatory drivers and the growth needs of their communities.… READ MORE »

Embracing Change in Parks and Recreation

September 9, 2020

A resurgence of interest in parks and recreation is taking place, while cities and towns are struggling with how to address safety, lost revenues, and staffing issues in parks and recreation departments, as a direct result of COVID-19. During the 2020 Parks and Recreation Month, McGill’s land planning staff interviewed municipal clients across North Carolina to better understand in what ways the world has changed. In the latest episode of McGill Minute, we took a… READ MORE »

Ocean Isle Beach Town Center Park Opens

September 4, 2020

Town of Ocean Isle Beach
McGill partnered with the Town of Ocean Isle Beach to design and develop Town Center Park, which was completed in June of this year. The unique 1.7-acre park served as part of a 2017 master plan for the Town. Town Center Park has recently officially opened to the public. READ MORE »

David Honeycutt, PE: From Intern to Owner

September 2, 2020

David Honeycutt
David Honeycutt, PE, began college with an aspiration to obtain a degree in computer and electrical engineering. Like many, what he set out to do at age 18 quickly changed with real-world experience. David was an avid whitewater kayaker and rafter, even serving as a whitewater river guide in Western North Carolina during his summer breaks. This experience and passion for clean water and the environment led him to change course and pursue a degree… READ MORE »

Lamyaa Negm, PhD, Co-Authors Article in the Journal of Agriculture Water Management

August 18, 2020

Lamyaa Negm, PhD
Lamyaa Negm, PhD, Engineering Associate on the water resources team in Raleigh, co-authored an article that was recently published in the Journal of Agriculture Water Management. This publication is a second to another article that was just published in the same journal, titled: “Evaluation of nitrogen loss reduction strategies using DRAINMOD-DSSAT in east-central Illinois.” READ MORE »

Thermal Belt Rail Trail Wins NCDOT Mobi Award Honorable Mentions

August 12, 2020

The Thermal Belt Rail Trail project was nominated for two Mobi Award categories: tourism and MVP (most voted project). We are proud to announce that the Thermal Belt Rail Trail won Honorable Mention for both categories! It is a huge accomplishment for this project to be recognized for 2 categories out of the 68 participating projects. The project received over 11,500 votes for the MVP project, showing how much this trail means to these communities.… READ MORE »

Improving Productivity and Decreasing Cost in Electric Utility System Software

August 7, 2020

Town of Apex
The Town of Apex uses Milsoft’s WindMil software to model, monitor, and analyze its electric utility system, which interfaces with its geographic information system (GIS). Utilization of the software involves importing organized data representing the various elements of its electric distribution system, including transformers, fuses, overhead and underground conductors, and customers. Apex’s electrical model contained more than 58,000 elements, with each element named and assigned a value to represent the various characteristics of the element,… READ MORE »

Queen Street Parking Deck Concepts Presented to Town of Boone

July 24, 2020

Parking Deck Concept for Town of Boone
McGill's team of civil engineers presented two parking deck concepts to the Town of Boone via a web conference last week for the Queen Street Parking Deck project. The first option plans for 450 spaces in the structure and the second option has 270 spaces. The parking deck addresses the growing need for parking spaces in the Town and will increase parking in Downtown Boone. The Watauga Democrat recently reported on the project. READ MORE »

Park Square Fitness Center

July 23, 2020

Park Square Fitness Center in Forest City
McGill completed the Park Square Fitness Center for the Town of Forest City earlier this year. McGill provided planning, design, and construction management for this park that features 6 exercise stations and a gazebo for the enjoyment and exercise of handicap citizens. The Town of Forest City held a ribbon cutting on February 22nd to recognize the efforts and financial contributions of several key people who made the Park Square Fitness Center and Gazebo Swing… READ MORE »

Bessemer City Implementing Pavement Management Program

June 24, 2020

Bessemer City Implements Paver
The City of Bessemer City is investing in its roadway maintenance today, which will yield benefits lasting far into the future. McGill is assisting the City with the implementation of PAVER™ software, a recognized industry-standard pavement maintenance management system developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. PAVER™ is designed to optimize funds allocated for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. READ MORE »



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