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McGill’s Leaders Present at the North Carolina Rural Summit 2023

Sharing Years of Experience in the Water / Wastewater Engineering Field to Strengthen Communities

McGill Principal / Vice President / Regional Manager Doug Chapman, McGill Water / Wastewater Practice Area Leader Mike Dowd, and McGill Client Services for the Eastern Market Gary Jackson attended and presented at the North Carolina Rural Summit in Raleigh. The 2023 Rural Summit brought together community leaders, policymakers, and rural advocates to engage in an intentional dialogue about the actions we can take today to advance policy and systems change across a broad spectrum of rural development issues. The conference theme this year was, “Driving Policy Change: All Roads Lead to Rural.”

Strategic Partnerships

As a relationship-driven organization, our approach to project partnerships aligns well with the North Carolina Rural Center. Often our projects involve neighboring communities and regional stakeholders who must work together to come to a solution for the betterment of its citizens. Our clients look to McGill for guidance to facilitate strategic partnerships. These types of partnerships are essential in developing rural water and wastewater systems that have the capacity and the wherewithal to serve the needs of communities. Our experience has led us to understand ways to approach these projects from a technical, strategical, and financial standpoint. In their presentation titled “My Water, Your Water, Our Water: Building Strategic Partnerships,” Mike, Doug, and Gary addressed the following questions:

  • What are the technical requirements for an interconnection project?
  • How do we approach our neighbors to develop regional partnerships?
  • How do we identify the real (and practical) needs of each community to come to a win-win solution?
  • How do we fund the associated water and wastewater infrastructure projects?

The McGill team walked the audience through the approach and various steps to each aspect of the partnership. Our team was honored to present and sit on a panel discussing strategic partnerships. Gary explains, “The Rural Summit offered us an excellent opportunity to showcase McGill’s knowledge and proven leadership in assisting communities to form water and wastewater partnerships. As a panel, we offered sound advice to attendees who were looking for pathways and practical steps.”

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Read more about McGill’s water and wastewater team, and some of the impactful work that they have done across the Southeast.

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