Stream bank repair

McGill Employees Receive Stream Bank Repair Certification

 Caroline (Heathcoat) Althizer Completes NC State University Workshop

In March, North Carolina State University held a Stream Bank Repair Certification Workshop that teaches attendees “how to protect and improve the natural environment of streams by stabilizing the stream bank and other eroding areas.”  Our Raleigh water resources engineering associate, Caroline Althizer, EI, attended the workshop, passed the certification exam, and were given Stream Bank Repair Certifications. We asked Caroline what she learned, how it might be helpful to her projects, and what she is excited about in the stream bank repair world.

What new information did you learn in the workshop? How will this help you in your projects?

Caroline heathcoat
Caroline Althizer, EI

This workshop mainly covered basic vegetative stream repair. We learned what the signs of a healthy verses unhealthy stream were and when we could use vegetative repair methods verses more drastic stream restoration methods. It also specified what actions we could take with and without a permit. My favorite part, personally, was that the workshop took place in the back yard of a Raleigh resident who had agreed to let us use his yard in exchange for getting his back yard stream bank repaired. We got to see and participate in a stream bank repair, which gave me a good idea of what these projects actually look like and what kind of sites would be good for these projects.

Stream bank repair
Hands-on stream bank repair during workshop

What aspect of stream bank repair do you find most exciting?

I am excited that this is becoming a more mainstream solution for minor stream bank repair projects. Vegetative stream bank repair is more sustainable, leads to better water quality and biodiversity, and is very aesthetically pleasing, so it is great to see it marketed to both the public and engineers as an encouraged solution.

From Knowledge to Action: Water Resources Engineering

Our water resources team can help with stream bank repairs, stormwater support, infrastructure design, floodplain management, and more. Check out the Rhodes Pond Case study to learn how our team designed and permitted repairs and overtopping protection for the dam to withstand a 100-year flow event.

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