Town of Canton Awarded Funding from the Golden LEAF Foundation for Flood Mitigation

Img 2544 editedThe Town of Canton was awarded funding for two Flood Mitigation Program projects from the Golden LEAF Foundation on December 1, 2022. The Golden LEAF Board of Directors awarded $250,000 to replace and improve stormwater infrastructure on Rhoda Street and $160,400 to replace and improve stormwater infrastructure on Skyline Drive — both damaged as a result of Tropical Storm Fred. McGill’s water resources team is completing the work on these two projects.

Tropical Storm Fred (TS-Fred) resulted in widespread damage throughout the Town of Canton, in Haywood County, NC, in August of 2021. Haywood County subsequently was granted its request for a major disaster declaration by the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which avails disaster relief funding for rebuilding damaged structures and infrastructure, such as the repair of damages caused by TS-Fred to the Rhoda Street culvert and Skyline Drive culvert.

Michael hanson
Michael Hanson, PE, LEED AP

McGill Principal and Vice President Michael Hanson said, “Stormwater flows associated with Tropical Storm Fred caused massive damage, erosion, and washout of Rhoda Street and the culvert associated with the Pigeon River Tributary passing under the roadway. Similar damages also occurred at Skyline Drive due to joint failure of the culvert and floodwaters washing over the roadway. The Rhoda Street project will replace the undersized corrugated metal culvert with a larger capacity concrete box culvert and stabilize the eroded channel banks. The Skyline Drive project will similarly replace the undersized 36-inch corrugated metal culvert with a 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe.”

Michael further explained that the proposed improvements will make both culverts more resilient to withstand future flooding as well as improve the level of service for the roadway to avoid overtopping up to the 10-year 24-hour storm event.


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