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McGill Celebrates International Grant Professionals Day 2023

The International Grant Professional Association (IGPA) was founded 25 years ago to recognize and support the interest of thousands of grant professionals throughout the US and internationally. This year, IGPA celebrates International Grant Professionals Day on March 10th.

McGill recognizes our grant professionals as the reason many municipalities and organizations have the means to operate and contribute to a better future in their communities. Our grant professionals provide a high standard of ethics, quality program development, and financial stewardship which extends beyond financial assistance, and offers long-term solutions and sustainable programs that build lasting relationships with the clients we serve.

Day-to-Day of a Grant Professional at McGill

Chad hullMcGill Grant Administrator Chad Hull was inspired to work in the field of grants while studying at Appalachian State University. Not a one-size-fits-all outfit, Chad’s responsibilities vary depending on the time of year. When he’s not working on grant applications or discussing grant and loan opportunities with the financial services team, he dedicates significant time assessing the status of assigned grants, communicating with clients on their critical needs through the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, and staying ahead of grant schedules. As a grant administrator, Chad’s career objectives — acquiring and administering funds for local projects — pair exceptionally well with the McGill tagline Shaping Communities Together, in that the work he does presents an overall better quality of life to our communities.

“Be open to growing your knowledge base every day and be ready for new experiences. Each program you get to work with contains its own quirks and opportunities to better understand the funds that are available to clients when developing their infrastructure needs,” explains Chad.

Rj mozeleyParallel to Chad’s assessment of the day-to-day of a grant professional, McGill Financial Services Manager RJ Mozeley adds, “a normal day working on funding for projects could be very abnormal. It comprises ongoing discussions regarding clients’ funding conditions, preparing for compliance visits, and coordinating with project teams to ensure that all relevant deadlines are met. The effort in this position is the backbone of the work of consulting engineers, which make projects materialize and progress beyond the conceptual phase.”

Advice for Future Grant Professionals

For aspiring grant professionals, RJ suggests, “Learn the overarching needs of the communities where you want to work and live and then learn what programs exist to support those communities’ needs.”

Alison heimAlison Heim has been working with grants for more than 25 years. As a grants administrator with McGill, she notes that the first grant she administered was designed to encourage residents to recycle. At the time, it was an innovative and earnest endeavor, and she realized how important funding was to assist local government in paying for programs that extend beyond the typical financial reach of a local government. On continuing to support these causes today, Alison says, “Even the more affluent communities do not have extra revenue and resources to fund these projects; projects that benefit the health and well-being of the residents. Therefore, we at McGill, shape the local governments and their residents by preparing the funding applications which, in turn, benefits everyone.”

Impact of Grant Professionals

In the past ten years, McGill has secured more than $400 million in public funding to provide critical infrastructure and community livability improvements, benefiting thousands of people across 3 states. Let’s celebrate the reliability and unwavering dedication of our grant professionals here at McGill on International Grant Professionals Day!

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