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Meet McGill’s Financial Services Manager — RJ Mozeley

Early in his career, RJ Mozeley was involved in maintaining compliance through project design, bidding, and construction phases. Now, as the financial services manager, he works to support our clients’ financial needs for capital expenditures and helps them position their communities for the best possible funding scenarios. “I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to help clients plan for their financial future as they invest in their infrastructure,” said RJ. “Having the chance to influence how a community addresses some of its most expensive and critical challenges as my career is truly rewarding,” he continued.

RJ Mozeley always knew he wanted to become an engineer. “As a kid, I really liked being outside and enjoyed mechanical systems — specifically old Jeeps. Engineering gave me a chance to understand and work within the science of those systems and also merge how those systems work within our environment,” he said. McGill is grateful that these interests eventually led RJ to join our team and prove himself as strategic leader.


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RJ is still involved as a project manager on the water / wastewater design team out of McGill’s Hickory office. “I still have some technical work with plans and specifications, bidding documents, and construction phase services,” he noted. “From the financial services side right now, we are working to stay abreast of the latest funding avenues and prepare for the certain wave of generational investment in our water and wastewater infrastructure. It seems that there is rarely a day that I don’t have a meeting or discussion with a client who has a need and is trying to make sure that they’re looking in the right places to find project funding.”

Our history at McGill has been built on partnership, trust, and assisting clients with problems that are both financially and technically challenging, and then being part of leading problems to intelligent solutions — all of which RJ excels in.


So many of our clients in North Carolina have utilized public funding sources to make projects happen. “We have developed capital improvement plans and revenue models to help communities manage expected investments in infrastructure with corresponding rate adjustments as we try to normalize their financial stability,” RJ explained. “Our group is also looking forward to working closely with more of our clients as they develop asset management plans and capital improvement plans, so that these utilities can be well positioned for a viable, stable future.”


RJ is in the process of assisting his hometown of Valdese with starting construction of a pedestrian bridge project. His role was to assist in evaluation of bids and development of floodplain technical data to ensure that the bridge was compliant with all applicable regulations. This project has been a great example of public-private partnership through the Friends of Valdese Recreation and the Town. RJ described the project as, “a long process from initial ideas to being ready to break ground,” but said, “the day when people will be able to connect to two of the Town’s parks by this bridge is now very close to becoming reality. I’m thankful professionally and personally to see this project come to fruition.”


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