Celebrating hr professionals day

Celebrating HR Professionals Day

Highlighting McGill’s New Talent Acquisition Team

Hr professionals - mary smith
Mary Smith, Talent Acquisition Manager

McGill has new team members within our Human Resources (HR) group – our talent acquisition crew, comprised of Mary Smith, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Alyssa Yount-McGhee, Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator. We caught up with Mary – in between career fairs and other events (it is that time of year!) – to learn more about their work, what McGill wants in an employee, and her advice for potential future employees.

Getting into the Profession

While she was working at a financial planning firm, a client mentioned to Mary that she would be great at connecting with people and matching them with better career opportunities. She made the switch to talent acquisition and has been doing it ever since, now having nine years of experience under her belt.

Responsibilities at McGill

Mary’s main job is creating strategies to attract the best talent and find candidates that fit McGill’s culture – doing so within an ever-changing, challenging market She works with hiring managers to set priorities, ensuring we have the expertise to move our clients’ projects forward, while building a culture where we all contribute to each other’s successes.

Driving Force Behind Team

The focus of the talent acquisition team is to align candidates with McGill’s vision, mission, and culture. As McGill cultivates relationships with clients and shapes communities through our services, Mary and Alyssa identify the best talent to mesh with our workplace culture across our offices to bring value to our clients in a meaningful way.

What McGill is Looking For

McGill wants employees to share our vision of shaping communities together. We believe that collaboration is critical to our success. We are looking for individuals who thrive on fostering long-term relationships with the communities that we serve and who have a vision to make our communities better through innovative solutions. We desire those who are interested in what we do, eager to learn, willing to work across disciplines, enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and mentoring junior staff, and who have a sense of ownership and integrity to do their best work.

Alyssa yount mcghee 2023
Alyssa Yount-McGhee, Recruiting & Engagement Coordinator

Advice for Candidates

At McGill, there are career paths for those who are more technical and for those whose interests include project management and leading others. If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge or are ready to take the next step in your career, we would love to speak with you!

Why Choose McGill?

McGill’s size allows our employees to be exposed to various types of projects and offers the chance for hands-on work. Our employees have the opportunity to gain new skills and tools, resulting in a robust career and broad knowledge base. We tackle local challenges in the communities in which we live and work, so you can make a difference through your job at McGill.

Motivation for Talent Acquisition

Mary loves helping people get their dream job / career and allowing them to live out their passions through their work. She says it is very exciting to give someone an opportunity that is going to make a difference in their life or change their life altogether.

Appreciation for our HR Team

Our HR team – as a whole – cares for and looks after our employees in many ways, starting before they are even hired and continuing through their career at McGill. We are lucky to have such great HR professionals on the McGill team.

Interested in Working at McGill?

Check out our career page and apply today if you are interested in one of our openings. We would love to have you on the McGill team!

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