McGill Announces Exciting Leadership Changes

McGill President Andy Lovingood recently announced several employee promotions that were set in place to equip personnel for success, improve efficiency, foster cohesion across our various practice areas, and prioritize strategic expansion.


Here at McGill, we believe that adaptability is the key to successful leadership, which is why we are thrilled that we have implemented some exciting changes that have already begun to propel our firm forward.

We hold our leadership team to exceptionally high standards — expecting them to be trustworthy role models for our staff and represent our company with professionalism and integrity at all times while interacting with our clients and citizens of the communities that we serve.

Members of McGill’s leadership team are persistent in their efforts to meet the requirements of an increasingly diverse workforce and are eager to adapt to the ever-evolving standards and practices of our industry.


Mark cathey square. 1
Mark Cathey, PE

Mark Cathey, Asheville Office Manager, has been promoted to Vice President / Regional Manager. Mark will continue to oversee the Asheville office and will focus on administration in his new role. Mark will also continue to play an active role in overseeing the solid waste practice area. During a recent staff meeting, he thanked those who have gone before him and recognized the previous efforts of Keith Webb, Joel Storrow, Danny Bridges, Jeff Bishop, and Andy Lovingood. Mark’s focus will be to equip McGill employees for success, making sure they have what they need to get the job done and plan for the future.

Doug chapman horizontal
Doug Chapman, PE

Doug Chapman, Hickory Office Manager, has been promoted to Vice President / Regional Manager. Doug will retain oversight of the Hickory office and focus on production and operations. All Practice Area Leaders will report to Doug to bring cohesion across the offices. Doug shared his vision of bringing the advantages of the Practice Area Leaders together to focus on what we do well and making things that should be easy, easy.

Michael hanson horizontal. 2
Michael Hanson, PE, LEED AP

Michael Hanson, Eastern North Carolina Regional Manager has been promoted to Vice President / Regional Manager. Mike will continue to be actively involved in the Water Resources practice area and focus on strategic growth, particularly in Eastern North Carolina, Virginia and parts of South Carolina. Mike hopes to capitalize on growth management and strategic planning to garner work across the McGill footprint.


Click here to read more about the group of individuals at McGill who are leading the charge of shaping communities throughout the Southeast, and reach out to us at info@mcgillassocaites.com to let us know how we can be of service to you.

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