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McGill Named Engineering Firm for the Alexander County Water Line Extension Project

How Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is Pushing This Initiative Forward


Alexand county water tanks
Alexander County Water Tanks

McGill is thrilled to continue our strong collaboration with Alexander County, after being selected as the engineering firm to complete preliminary design, survey, design and permitting, easement map development, bidding, and general administration of the construction contract for its water line extension project. But even more so, McGill is particularly honored to be part of enhancing the quality of life for Alexander County residents by ensuring that everyone has access to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water.

Our longstanding relationship with the County is built on a foundation of trust and a shared commitment to meeting the most critical needs of its citizens. We are pleased to see that it has made a significant investment in its residents by utilizing ARPA funding in the amount of $7,283,353 for this important project.

McGill Financial Services Manager RJ Mozeley said, “We understand fully that if the County embarks on a capital project that they must win in the end by meeting deadlines, budgets, and citizen expectations. McGill has been in partnership with Alexander County since the early 2000s and over that time has had the privilege of working on many projects that were mutually rewarding.”


Water glass

The project’s objective is to expand water service to various locations within the County, as well as to grow the customer base and service areas. These extensions comprise a few smaller water supply loops, but their key aim is to reach additional customers who have requested public water service. McGill understands the critical nature of these projects, having served Alexander County for nearly two decades with water system planning and design, and we recognize the coordinated design efforts needed to create an economically viable and efficient solution.


ARPA of 2021 was a comprehensive legislative endeavor by congress to strengthen and revitalize numerous sectors of American society.

“One main focus area of ARPA was infrastructure, and funds for infrastructure projects were distributed in a number of ways — some through direct allocations to specific projects (earmarks), some through direct allocations from the US Treasury to individual states, and some through direct allocations from the US Treasury to each and every municipality in the nation,” explained RJ.

“The intent for use of the ARPA funds is summarized by supporting projects that fit into the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program or Drinking Water State Revolving program.”


In recent years, the County has been proactive in expanding its service area to individuals in need — expending large sums from the utilities system enterprise fund as well as taking on new debt to achieve this goal.

“ARPA funding will enable the County to continue that initiative at no further cost to the enterprise fund. Not only will the increased service area benefit the citizens who receive new service, but the increase in the customer base will also protect the County’s utility system long term in making it more resilient to fluctuations in the overall economy,” said RJ.


Rj mozeley horizontal bushes closeup jacket copy
RJ Mozeley, PE

Our financial services team and project managers stay up to date on the latest regulatory and funding agency guidelines. RJ noted, “Most recently, our attention has turned to the Final Rule(s) developed by the US Treasury to ensure that any and all planned projects fit within the specific categories and rules that will govern use of ARPA funds. We know that strong labor standards and American goods will carry weight with the implementation of projects and so our bid documents must maintain that compliance and enable our clients to clearly meet any future reporting requirements to the treasury.”


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