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Just because a McGill employee has graduated from college or earned their master’s degree doesn’t mean that they should cease the pursuit of further education. In fact, we believe that professional development has a myriad of advantages that only serve to benefit our staff and firm in the long run. Employees who participate in professional development programs are more likely to not only maintain their level of competence in their field but also to excel in it.

The engineering and land planning industries are constantly changing, thus encouraging our employees to actively pursue professional development assures that their knowledge and abilities remain current and up to date. It also allows our personnel to be more informed of shifting industry trends and objectives.


While we do encourage our staff members to be creative and follow their interests and passions by seeking out their own opportunities for professional growth, we also make it a point to present them with opportunities for progress in their careers.

Chris brown 2021 2
Chris Brown, CPSWQ, CPESC

“McGill has not lost sight of the individual employee. The working environment and the way McGill has structured their policies, is with a lot of thought to the employees. They do a good job of treating everybody the same and helping everybody,” said Engineering Technician Chris Brown.


McGill offers a tuition reimbursement program that many of our employees have taken advantage of over the years. McGill recognizes that investing in our staff is an excellent strategy to attract and retain exceptional talent. This initiative has also demonstrated that we are deeply committed to the professional success of our staff and are dedicated to assisting them in sharpening their skills.


McGill strongly encourages our staff to become members of professional associations that provide them networking opportunities, continued education, and a place to get industry and legislative updates. In order to demonstrate that we value our employees’ participation in these professional associations, we frequently pay the fees for their membership.

We value having access to experts in various fields and practice areas outside of McGill, and we recognize that it is an excellent way to keep minds open and respectful of diversity and alternate opinions.


Because we are a relationship-focused firm, we are aware of how vital it is to give our employees — especially those who are just starting out in their careers — opportunities to network with one another in settings that are not directly related to the performance of their jobs, and our newly established young professionals group is set in place to do just that.

By boosting their confidence as a result of these interactions, new professionals are assured that they are appreciated and valuable members of our team.


We understand that in order to provide the best service possible to our customers, we must be at the top of our game not only personally but also professionally, which is why all of our employees are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the professional development opportunities that we offer.


You can send an email to info@mcgillassociates.com to find out if working at McGill might be a good fit for you, and you can click here to learn more about the benefits that McGill offers that encourage professional growth.

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