5 tips for landing your first engineering job

5 Tips to Land Your First Engineering Job

Advice from McGill’s Young Professionals

In our most recent McGill Minute podcast, we discussed some of the tips that helped two of our Engineering Associates – Noah Green, EI, and Natalie Croom, EI – with their job search process. It can be a stressful time: trying to find a firm that shares your values, figuring out the direction of your career path, and deciding where you want to live, all while trying to network and set up interviews. Noah and Natalie share some great tips on how to manage this uncertain (but also exciting) phase of life. Here are five takeaways from the podcast. Good luck landing your first engineering job!

1. Find the Right Fit for You

Find a place where you can work with a variety of teams and engineering disciplines and that provides opportunities for career progression, where you can learn and grow. Also, look for a firm that has similar values – for instance, if work life balance is important to you, then find a firm that values that as well.

2. Network and Participate in Career Fairs

Career fairs offer a central location to explore companies and practice your networking and communication skills at the same time, so take advantage of attending these events. Also, keep in touch with alumni, family, and friends who can connect you to opportunities.

3. Apply for Various Positions

Start the search early and share your resume broadly. Follow up on your applications; don’t rely on applications alone.

4. Maximize Your Internship

Get to know the company, how the teams work, and if you fit well within the culture. Ask yourself, “Is this company interested in seeing me grow and helping me reach my career goals?” If yes, you could consider applying to that firm to work full time. If not, research other firms that are more appealing to you.

5. Remember Your Interview Etiquette

During the interview, use good eye contact, take notes so that you can ask questions later, and bring up experience that isn’t on your resume. Take time to get to know the employees at the company. Ask how long the interviewers have been working for the company, and see if you can contact an employee who has the same job you are interested in to discuss their work experience.

Join Our Team of Professionals

If landing a job as an engineering associate is your next big career step, please check out our McGill Minute Podcast for more tips. Also, visit Join McGill to see our job openings or send your resume to recruiting@mcgillassociates.com.

Listen to the Podcast: Landing that First Career Opportunity

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