Celebrating McGill’s Female Engineering Staff

June 22, 2020

Women In Engineering Day
International Women in Engineering Day takes place annually, and this year marks its seventh year of recognition and celebration. It is a day to raise the profile of women in engineering and encourages others to consider career opportunities in this line of work. Below are a few spotlights from women in the profession at McGill. They share what inspired them to enter the profession, favorite projects, and advice for those considering entering into the engineering… READ MORE »

McGill Launches New Podcast

May 14, 2020

McGill has advised local government leaders on a wide variety of challenges in the common interest of improving communities. “Shaping Communities Together” is more than a tagline, it is a culture. It is about collaborating and creating solutions together to improve the communities we love – those places where we live, work, and play. READ MORE »

Protecting Earth’s Most Precious Cargo

April 24, 2020

dwarf-flowered heartleaf
With the increasing number of bogus social media posts about intoxicated elephants sauntering into empty cities and dolphins swimming through Venetian canals, we started wondering exactly what animals are in our backyards that we do not think about on a normal day – those species that are rare or regularly hidden from view. So we reached out to one of McGill’s environmental team members to get a better view of the North Carolina landscape. READ MORE »

Shared Passion to Shape Communities Together

April 21, 2020

McGill Administrative Professionals
Administrative professionals are often the first point of contact at McGill – greeting you at the door with a smile and answering your phone calls. Behind the scenes, this talented group of professionals are juggling multiple tasks on any given day and play a critical role in McGill’s success. In honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day, held on April 22, 2020, we want to pause and recognize their contributions to McGill. READ MORE »

Striving to Help “Life” Thrive

April 16, 2020

Meet Kurtis Durrant, Project Planner on the land planning and recreation team based out of McGill’s Hickory office. Since joining McGill two years ago, he has played an integral role in designs for master plans, streetscapes, parks, and greenways. In this interview he shares what motivated him to pursue a career in the landscape architecture field and what keeps him passionate about each project. READ MORE »

National Engineers Week

February 21, 2020

McGill celebrates National Engineering Week
Our dedicated and passionate engineers make a difference in communities across the Southeast every day. In their honor, McGill celebrated National Engineers Week 2020 all week long across our nine offices with coffee and breakfast parties. In addition, this week we spoke to a few of our rising stars to learn why they got into the profession and what excites them most about projects. Check out our Q&A with them! READ MORE »

Advice From a Current Student and Part-Time Employee

February 10, 2020

Silas McClure
Silas McClure, Engineering Technician at McGill and current North Carolina State University engineering student, provides advice and insight for college students and recent graduates about working at a professional engineering firm and his experience at McGill. READ MORE »

Meet Sam Abernethy, EI

October 16, 2019

Sam Abernethy with the Hickory Water Wastewater Team
Sam Abernethy, a 2018 graduate of Virginia Tech University, started at McGill as an intern in 2016 and joined us full time in 2018 as an Engineering Associate. In this interview, Sam shares what it is like to work at McGill and what inspired him to major in civil engineering and join the McGill Hickory Water / Wastewater team. READ MORE »

A Letter from the President

August 14, 2019

Joel Storrow, PE, Past President of McGill
As President of McGill for the past 18 years, I have been privileged to work with you, in concert with our talented leadership team, to deliver on many projects and initiatives. I am proud of our accomplishments and am excited to continue improving our programs of service to meet your diverse needs. Having enjoyed many successful years at the helm, the timing is right for me to transition and step into a new, just-as-important role… READ MORE »



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