Environmental team- alex loudermilk, jonathan herman, and jon swaim

Pre-Purchase Site Evaluation

Henderson County

Recently, McGill’s environmental services team performed a pre-purchase site evaluation in Henderson County. The goal of the evaluation was to provide the proposed buyer with information regarding local, state, and federal regulations concerning aquatic resources and threatened and endangered species, as well as potential environmental conditions related to hazardous materials linked to the subject property. Read in detail the challenges, solutions, and results they provided to Henderson County in the case study.

Jon swaim and jonathon herman - mcgill environmental servicesJohn Swaim, Environmental Specialist, explains that “A well-rounded analysis of potential environmental issues during the due diligence stage of property acquisition can detect issues early in the land development process, saving money and time, and provide developers with a baseline of information to aid in their decision-making process.”

McGill also recently completed the Thermal Belt Rail Trail in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Learn more about the challenges, solutions, and results in the Case Study.


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